The Advantages and Applications of Shapal Hi-M Soft Hybrid Composite Material by Precision Ceramics

Shapal Hi-M Soft is a new type of composite material that contains boron nitride and aluminium nitride, and is merged and sintered together to produce a thick ceramic body. This material is characterized by high mechanical strength and high thermal conductivity and can be easily machined into intricate shapes while maintaining the numerous benefits of aluminium nitride.

Shapal Hi-M Soft is routinely used by the European Space Agency and other industries for its exclusive properties. It also has a low co-efficient of thermal expansion, thus making is suitable for use in severe environments

Advantages of Shapal Hi-M Soft

Figure 1. Shapal Hi-M Soft offers excellent sealing ability to vacuum.

Known for its excellent machinability, Shapal Hi-M Soft can be machined by a wide range of techniques such as turning, drilling and milling to make high precision complex shapes. The material has superior sealing ability to vacuum (Figure 1) and has high thermal conductivity which is roughly 10 times as much thermal conductivity of alumina. In addition, it has high mechanical and bending strength of 30kg/mm² which is comparable to that of alumina,

The material’s ultra high purity ensures that molten metal is not contaminated even at high temperatures, and its transparent nature enables visible to infrared light to pass through easily. Other principal properties of Shapal Hi-M Soft include excellent electric insulation, low dielectric loss, low thermal expansion, high heat resistance and high corrosion resistance.

Applications of Shapal Hi-M Soft

Figure 2. The unique properties of Shapal Hi-M Soft enable even the most complex of components to be machined using common metalworking tools.

In new applications as well as in areas where technical ceramics are already being utilized, Precision Ceramics has the required expertise and knowledge to provide a suitable solution for any application, from prototypes to full-scale manufacturing of components. The company also offers expert advice in the development of more complex materials. Figure 2 shows complex components machined using ordinary metalworking tools.


Precision Ceramics, with more than 20 years knowledge and experience, is one of Europe’s and long serving distributors of Shapal Hi-M Soft. Tokyo-based Tokuyama Corporation that specializes in Shapal production has given Precision Ceramics sole distributorship rights for the product throughout the US.

About Precision Ceramics

Precision Ceramics, a division of McGeoch Technology, is a company dedicated to the engineering of technical ceramics. From procurement and supply through to technical design and specialist machining, we offer a complete service.

Precision Ceramics reputation for quality and service is truly international with specialist ceramic components engineered by Precision Ceramics finding their way into an ever-widening array of worldwide applications in industries as diverse as aerospace, opto-electronics and nuclear power.

In both new applications and in areas where technical ceramics are already being used, Precision Ceramics has the necessary expertise and in-depth knowledge to quickly find the best way forward for any potential application from prototypes through to full-scale production of components. And once fully up and running, Precision Ceramics can easily take the process one stage further by offering expert advice in the engineering of more demanding materials.

The company operates to the very highest quality standards and holds BS5750 Part 1, ISO9000 and BASEEFA approval.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Precision Ceramics.

For more information on this source, please visit Precision Ceramics.


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    We need a 6"x6"x .375" thick (or closest to it) shapal Hi-M sheet. Do you have any in stock ? if so what is the price ?
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