Hiden Isochema – A Product Overview

Hiden Isochema is a world leader in the design and manufacture of vapour and gas sorption instrumentation for research, development and production applications in materials science and surface chemistry. This article provides an overview of the products in Hiden Isochema’s range.

IMI Series

The IMI series of high pressure manometric (sometimes called volumetric) gas sorption analyzers range from entry level manometric analyzers to sophisticated multistream dynamic flow systems with integrated mass spectrometry.

All IMI systems can be used to study physisorption and chemisorption, as well as the absorption of gases by materials.

These instruments can meet the demands of a wide application range, from gas storage and separation to high pressure catalysis, and from surface area determination to high pressure studies.

Each IMI model has been optimized for specific application areas:

  • IMI-HTP – This is a high-accuracy manometric hydrogen storage analyzer developed mainly for studying new hydrogen storage materials with the Sieverts Method, reaching pressures of 200 bar.
  • IMI-PSI – The IMI-PSI is an extended pressure manometric sorption analysis system designed for studying gas sorption by nanoporous media at both cryogenic and elevated temperatures.
  • IMI-NRG – The IMI-NRG offers a completely integrated sorption measurement system for environmental and energy science research. It has been specially designed for characterizing materials for gas separation, storage and capture applications.
  • IMI-FLOW – The IMI-FLOW is an advanced thermal desorption and dynamic flow desorption analyzer. It integrates the static mode manometric sorption measurement capabilities of the full IMI range with a unique dynamic (flowing) mode operation which allows the performance of Temperature Programmed Desorption (TPD) as well as mixed gas experiments.

IGA Series

The IGA Series offers completely automated and accurate measurement of the kinetics and magnitude of vapour and gas interactions with samples at controlled temperature and pressure. Isotherms and isobars may be measured along with the kinetics of the sorption processes measured.

The innovative IGA method uses sample relaxation after temperature or pressure change to determine, simultaneously, equilibrium uptake and kinetic parameters. IGA systems have more than two decades of proven performance in leading industries and academic research institutes globally.

The models in this series include:

  • IGA-001 – The IGA-001 is a versatile gravimetric gas sorption analyzer, it can analyze single component gas-solid and gas-liquid interactions.
  • IGA-002 – This model offers single component gas and vapor sorption analysis.
  • IGA-003 – The IGA-003 is a gravimetric analyzer exclusively designed for dynamic mixed gas and/or vapor sorption analysis from vacuum to high pressure.
  • IGA-100 – The IGA-100 is developed for gravimetric mixed gas sorption and single component vapor sorption analysis. It powerfully integrates the features of the IGA-001, IGA-002 and IGA-003.
  • IGA-200 – The IGA-200 is a completely integrated gravimetric sorption analyzer developed for dynamic mixed gas and vapor sorption analysis with close-coupled mass spectrometry.

XEMIS Series

The XEMIS is a high-precision sorption microbalance for accurate weighing in extreme environments. It is offered as either a standalone microbalance, or as part of a completely integrated sorption analyzer, offering great flexibility and excellent weighing stability and accuracy.

The XEMIS microbalance makes use of Hiden Isochema's unique exosensing technology, which enables gravimetric sorption analysis at high pressures and temperatures, under a variety of conditions, previously not possible with commercial sorption microbalance instrumentation.

IGAsorp Series

The IGAsorp is a fully automated compact bench-top DVS (Dynamic Vapor Sorption) analyzer, for fast and accurate sorption measurements using the dynamic flow technique for water and organic vapors.

The measured vapor uptake and kinetics are used to characterize and understand materials in precisely defined environmental conditions.

The IGAsorp has an ultra-sensitive microbalance which measures the weight of the sample as a function of humidity and temperature. Multiple sensors at the sample position allow precise feedback control of the experimental parameters. Humidity is determined by relative mixing of wet and dry gas streams which is measured and regulated at the sample position. The temperature is controlled by active feedback fluid circulation.

The IGAsorp uses the unique IGA method for the determination of the sorption kinetics and equilibrium isotherms. This ensures accurate and consistent analysis with faster analysis times making the optimum use of instrument time.

The models in this series are:

  • IGAsorp – The IGAsorp is a completely automated bench top gravimetric analysis system developed for rapidly and precisely determining the magnitude and kinetics of moisture sorption by materials.
  • IGAsorp-CT – The IGAsorp-CT is a dynamic vapor sorption analyzer operating to 85 °C for climatic testing, as used in the reliability and quality testing of electronic components and packaging.
  • IGAsorp-HT – The IGAsorp-HT is a dynamic vapor sorption analyzer for the measurement of organic and moisture vapor sorption over a broad temperature range from 5 to 300 °C

XCS Series

The XCS Series offers users an innovative controlled climate for a range of applications. The compact system allows automated management atmospheric composition, relative humidity, gas flow rate, temperature and pressure.

Real-time analysis of environmental conditions is carried out using intelligent control software, which can maintain user-defined composition, or follow pre-programmed sequences for completely automated control.

Several custom attachments are offered for the XCS that allow sample manipulation, while maintaining uninterrupted measurement and atmospheric control.

The XCS can be combined with presently available systems, or independently used for providing ultimate control of environmental conditions. Hiden Isochema can also customize the XCS to many individual applications.

The range of experimental capabilities of the XCS is extended by an optional integrated mass spectrometer, which enables continuous measurement of atmospheric changes and evolved gas analysis.

ABR Series

The ABR series consists of completely automated laboratory scale instruments for gas and vapor breakthrough measurements to assess performance of gas separation and filtration processes. They are equally suited to characterisation of novel compounds for research purposes and to regular adsorbent quality screening.

For novel materials, breakthrough measurements are an ideal companion to adsorption isotherms and are vital to the assessment of the material’s selectivity and capacity for adsorption. For commercial sorbents, the same measurements are critical when considering the choice of adsorbent and evaluating the factors that govern service lifetime.

ABR instruments are supplied with an integrated mass spectrometer and a dedicated software package. Configurations are available to offer high pressure operation to 50 bar, with various numbers of inlet gases and vapors, and with bed sizes ranging from 2 to 20 cc.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Hiden Isochema.

For more information on this source, please visit Hiden Isochema.


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