Taking Control of your Energy Usage with Utility Monitoring

Hanwell Utility provides a versatile, economical solution to utility monitoring that obtains utility data from a single site or multiple sites with the help of Hanwell’s latest technology. It collects utility usage over time and enables statistical analysis of liters of water and kilowatts/hours, cubic meters of gas consumed.

Hanwell Utility quickly identifies water leaks or heating and air conditioning that has been left running, eliminating waste and saving substantially costs within weeks of its installation.

The data collected can be used to create logged records as proof of sustained reduction of usage over time. The Hanwell Utility provides the following benefits:

  • Access detailed information and analyze usage against cost
  • Benefit from long-range wireless communication
  • Improve users’ reputation as a socially responsible organization
  • Reduce energy costs and carbon footprint
  • Compatible with existing Hanwell systems
  • Fast, reliable, and direct data transfer of utility usage to a network or PC from across the world through a web browser
  • Simple and non-disruptive installation

Why Choose Hanwell?

The Hanwell brand is renowned for providing the most reliable, flexible, and durable systems on the market that come with unparalleled wireless technology reaching up to 3 km over open ground.

The vast Hanwell range is a uniquely future proof solution, providing simple expansion to multiple site monitoring to measure additional environmental parameters such as light, UV, temperature, CO2, humidity, pressure, etc.

Using OPC or Modbus interfaces, Hanwell Utility data can be interfaced to users' BMS or alarm systems. This allows closed loop control to regulate ventilation, heating, and cooling directly, which boosts efficiency and saves costs.

The Hanwell system provides a one-stop-shop solution for detailed environmental monitoring and control in remote locations or within buildings.

Non-Disruptive Installation

Hanwell is aware that utilities play an important role in everyday duties, and as a result its data capturing methods have been specifically chosen to cause minimal disruption. Additionally, wireless monitoring allows users to easily maneuver clamps and transmitters.

The single channel device is the most commonly used unit as most applications need a connection to a single meter. However, some applications have an electricity meter with two channels where a dual channel pulse counter is required. A dual channel pulse counter can be employed for two meters side-by- side.

Dual channel pulse counters

Dual channel pulse counters

Rogowski coils can measure up to 800 amps. They directly monitor the current flowing through individual circuits.

Rogowski coils

Rogowski coils

Unmatched Radio and GPRS Technology

A wide range of radio transmitters are available that can transfer the data wirelessly using long range, low power radio for a distance up to 3 km over open ground. Alternatively, Hanwell’s GPRS technology allows users to transmit data from remote (often outdoor) locations.

Split core CTs are used by the RL4601 transmitter to directly monitor the current flowing through individual circuits. The transmitter also uses low power RF for data communication. Three or single phase data can be collected from each unit.

The RL4603 transmitter  uses split core CT's to directly monitor the current flowing through individual circuits. It uses GPRS technology to communicate the data from off-site locations.

To directly monitor the current flowing through individual circuits, the RL4623 transmitter uses Rogowski coils. Additionally, the transmitter uses low power wireless for data communication compared to the RL4624 which uses GPRS technology.

(Note: GPRS units need a SIM card)


Access Data Securely from Anywhere in the World

All Hanwell hardware comes with the accompanying comprehensive software, Synergy,  which allows users to access historical and real-time data from multiple sites. The software has innovative features that provide instant alarm notifications and regular reporting tools to various personnel with customized permission and access control levels.

Synergy is a comprehensive software tool that helps users to:

  • Share data with colleagues using secure individual log-ins
  • Acquire detailed energy usage data
  • Access bar charts showing energy peaks
  • Access data via a local computer, network or anywhere in the world through a web browser

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Hanwell.

For more information on this source, please visit Hanwell Solutions Ltd.


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