Silicon Carbide Ceramic Matrix Composites for Combustor Liners


During research to develop an ultra-low NOx burner, scientists at the NASA High Speed Research (HSR) programme developed a silicon carbide fibre reinforced silicon carbide (ceramic matrix composite) combustor liner.

Other Significant Developments

Development of this component required the researchers to:

         Develop an advanced silicon carbide fibre with high temperature stability

         Devise a new coating for the silicon carbide fibres

         Formulate a new technique for producing dense composites

         Produce an environmental barrier to prevent against surface recession

Design Parameters

Design parameters for the combustor liner included:

         Life of greater than 18000 hours

         Little or no film air cooling

The Outlook

The success of these components is believed to lead to applications in other low emission combustor designs. Further developments will also allow use of similar materials in higher temperature and pressure situations.


Primary author: Dr. Ajay Misra


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