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The Advantages and Capabilities of the 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting System

In this interview, Dan Chatterton, Manager at JACQUET, talks to AZoM about the advantages and capabilities of the 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting System.

Please give a brief introduction about JACQUET and the work you do?

Jacquet is a service orientated stainless and nickel alloy processing company with 4 regional locations throughout the United States and 3 facilities in Canada. With 19 grades of stainless steel and nickel alloy material coupled with a wide range of processing capabilities, Jacquet can provide low cost, quick turnarounds to our customer’s needs.

JACQUET has 13 Jet Edge waterjets at its metal service centres nationwide. Why did you decide to go with Jet Edge EDGE X-5 dual head 5-axis waterjet system for your latest machine?

The JetEdge machines provide capabilities and support that adds a great advantage to our needs and production challenges that our customers ask of us every day. When we wanted to expand into 5 axis cutting, JetEdge stepped up to the plate and supported our needs. They knew our business and what we wanted to accomplish so the new Edge X-5 fit the bill perfectly.

What are the main benefits of 5-axis waterjet cutting vs. 3-axis waterjet cutting?

We can get the part further downstream than standard 3-axis cutting would do. Our customers were coming to us for more detailed type cutting in regards to bevelling, chamfering, and contour cutting and the Edge X-5 provided that ability.

How is a 5-axis waterjet advantageous for cutting angles for weld preparation compared to traditional methods such as grinding?

Traditional methods work and many of our customers have always cut angles in this method, but it is a messy and loud process in their shop. Cutting this on the Waterjet provides and cleaner and more consistent bevel or angle than they can achieve with grinding or burn buds in their shop. It also insures a consistent weld fill for the seams and joints.

How is bevel and contour cutting with waterjet a time and cost saver?

Bevel and contour cutting reduces the lead time to our customers in that, while we are cutting the perimeter shape of the normal part we can incorporate the bevel and contour cutting into the same program, so there is less material handling time, and less time sending it out for machining or grinding to another facility.

Explain how the 5-axis waterjet allows you to cut taper free parts. Why is this such an important feature to you?

The Edge X-5 has taper control, we can cut faster while the machine adjusts to the contour edge that we are trying to achieve. It understands the material type that it is cutting and the parameters adjust accordingly with the speed.

Metal plates are never flat. How does your Jet Edge EDGE X-5 system accommodate uneven material and the relieving of the material during the cutting process?

The Edge X-5 has “plate mapping” that scans the plate to determine the flatness of the total surface. It will then adjust the height sensing of the cutting head during the cut process to follow the plate and give consistent parts from one to another.

What are some features within the IGEMS software and Jet Edge controller that you find particularly useful?

The IGEMS software works perfectly in correlation to the controller and PC of the machine. JetEdge has developed an exact relationship between the two. This allows Jacquet to push the complete envelope of the capabilities of  both the software and the machine.

How difficult was it for your water jet operator to learn how to program and operate the 5-axis waterjet?

There was a learning curve as with any new equipment, but most of it was just the full understanding of sequencing of the cutting, because we were adding the contours and bevels. The equipment provided no unexpected surprises.

In your opinion, what are the best features of the Jet Edge EDGE X-5 5-axis waterjet system and Jet Edge intensifier pump?

Knowing that we can depend on the machine and its components is most comforting. Waterjet machines do require maintenance and if you maintain them properly they run well. JetEdge equipment is very dependable for us which is why we have 13 machines.

What will the 5-Axis Water jet mean for the future of JACQUET? How will it impact your service and your customers?

We are able to provide a more complete “one stop shop” for our customers. Buyers are busier and busier now and knowing that they can count on a source like Jacquet to solve their production needs is the most comforting feeling they can have.

Many companies have similar equipment to Jacquet, but our staff, from sales to production has the knowledge and mind set to think outside the box and offer solutions to our customers that others simply do not.

Where can our readers go to find out more

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About Dan Chatterton

This is my 35th year in the metal business. Starting out in Metal Stamping and Deep Draw work in 1982 gave me the foundation and opportunity to grow and learn the industry from the inside out. Being exposed in tool & die, fabrication, assembly, and OEM products has given me an in depth knowledge of the manufacturing side of the business.

Dan Chatterton

Having progressed into management roles in the last 20 years has also allowed me to develop sales teams and the commercial side of businesses as well.

Through my education in Industrial Management I approach every commercial opportunity as a customer problem solving exercise on our shop floor.

When I was given the opportunity to start Jacquet Midwest with no staff and no sales, we went to work to develop a team of personal that wanted to help the customer do better in their own shops and provide the solutions they were looking for.

We feel we are achieving that every day and are continually looking for ways to improve.

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