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The Surface Mount Technology Association - Atlanta Expo 2019

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On April 11, 2019, the Atlanta SMTA Chapter hosted this year’s Expo at the Atlanta Technology Park. The attendees and exhibitors of the SMTA Atlanta Expo provided the local chapter with a positive review on the various company showcases, information sessions and product displays that encompassed the event.

What is SMTA?

The Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) is a non-profit international association comprised of a number of different companies, professionals and students currently working in the global electronics industry.

SMTA members can benefit from access to over 5,000 free articles through their own database known as the Knowledge Base, as well as attend various events including conferences, symposia, webinars and trade shows.

About SMTA Atlanta

The Atlanta chapter of SMTA is currently led by their president Douglas A. Philbrick of Technical Services, LLC. Like all other SMTA chapters, the Atlanta SMTA members work together to plan events that cater to their local industry professionals.

About the SMTA Expo

The SMTA Expo is a local electronics assembly and manufacturing expo that is hosted by local SMTA chapters. At each SMTA Expo, attendees can gain valuable technical information on novel electronic devices, as well as meet leading suppliers and other electronical professionals in their region.

The goal of each SMTA Expo is to provide local industry professionals with an intimate setting to network and gain knowledge about current advancements within the electronics world, as well as experience the benefit of a global association that continues to work with all individuals at the local level.

The 2019 Atlanta SMTA Expo

The 2019 Atlanta SMTA Expo took place on April 11 at the Atlanta Technology Park in Atlanta, Georgia. The main focus of this year’s SMTA Expo was to provide local electronic engineers and manufacturers with the opportunity to share practical skills on developing efficient electronic assembly technologies.

Some of the electronics that were featured at this year’s event included microsystems, emerging technologies and related business operations.

Company Showcases

Several different electronics manufacturing companies attended this year’s SMTA Expo in Atlanta in an effort to showcase their newest products. Of these companies included Techcon Systems, an international company that specializes in fluid and adhesive dispensing products that can be found in a wide range of industrial applications ranging from aerospace and military purposes to material packaging and medical device development.

At the 2019 SMTA Atlanta Expo, Techcon unveiled their line of TSR2201 Smart Dispensing Robots, as well as its upgraded TS5440 Needle Valve and Ts350 Controller. The TSR2201 has been specifically designed for fluid dispensing applications. This easy to operate system provides users with complete control over fluid placement, while simultaneously ensuring a rapid and improved productivity rate during the process.

Techcon anticipates the application of the TSR2201 to be particularly useful for applications that require the dispensing of solder paste dots, as well as the filling, potting, encapsulation, bonding and coating of fluids. All attendees of the SMTA Atlanta Expo were able to closely examine the aforementioned Techcon products, as well as their line of consumable products including dispensing tips, syringes, cartridges and nozzles.

In addition to Techcon, several other companies exhibited at SMTA Atlanta Expo including ZESTRON, STI Electronics, KYZEN, Metcal and many more.

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