Ciba Specialty Chemicals Introduces IRGATEC CR 76 Polymer Modifier for Polypropylene Fabrics

Ciba Specialty Chemicals is launching a new polymer modifier that brings a new standard to nonwoven fabrics used for example, in diapers, hygiene products, cleaning wipes and filtration products.

Ciba® IRGATEC® CR 76 allows the producer of nonwoven fabrics to use standard polypropylene spunbond grades or recycled granules from fibre scrap to design meltblown nonwoven fabrics that have significantly enhanced liquid barrier properties and mechanical properties (for example, tensile strength) over existing available products.

The innovative technology of IRGATEC® CR 76 reduces viscosity of the melt, thereby controlling the degradation of the molecular weight of the polypropylene during spinning. Additionally it narrows the molecular weight distribution, bringing the advantage of better spinability and enhanced nonwoven fabric performance. The single filaments of the meltblowns are thinner, stronger and more flexible than those of existing technology.

The safety properties of IRGATEC® CR 76, both for handling of the product during production and in end use, are also at the highest standard. This makes it ideal for broad usage in technical and hygiene applications. Jean-Roch Pauquet, head of Industry Textiles & Carpets in Ciba Specialty Chemicals’ Plastic Additives Segment, says: “IRGATEC® CR 76 is a unique peroxide free polymer modifier for polypropylene nonwovens that significantly increases the quality of nonwoven fabrics. It will provide new opportunities for the producers of meltblown, SMS composites and spunbond nonwoven fabrics to develop products and applications that the currently available technology does not allow”.


Posted June 8th, 2004


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