Piezoceramic Engineering - Expert Manufacturing Competence

Piezoceramic devices are used to convert mechanical features such as pressure or acceleration into voltages, or conversely, to convert a voltage into mechanical motion or oscillation. Piezoceramics are used in many types of electromechanical transducers operating in a wide range of frequencies. In sensors, they enable forces, pressures and accelerations to be converted into electrical signals. In sound generators and ultrasonic devices such as transducers they produce oscillations or deformation in response to voltage input.

Piezoceramic Components

In automotive engineering, piezosensors are used for occupant safety and intelligent engine control solutions. As gas igniting devices in heaters and lighters, piezoceramic components have become well known, high volume product. In ultrasonic systems, piezoceramic devices generate powerful ultrasonic waves used for cleaning, drilling and welding, as well as to stimulate chemical processes. They act as transmitters and receivers in many signal and information processing systems. Other important applications of piezoceramic devices include ultrasonic locating and distance measuring systems, nondestructive materials testing and medical diagnostic equipment.

Piezoceramic Actuators

The function of piezoceramic actuators is based on the deformation in the micrometer range. This behavior opens new applications for electromechanical transducers in hydraulic and pneumatic valves, positioning systems, micromanipulators, and flowmeter systems for liquid and gaseous media.

Given this great diversity of applications, users are generally advised to work closely with CeramTec's experts from the product development stage. An experienced staff is available to answer your questions. In dialogue with the customer, we can help to specify application conditions, requirement criteria and design prerequisites, and to develop high quality cost-effective solutions.

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

Advanced manufacturing techniques enable CeramTec to produce high quality piezoceramic devices including in very large volumes. Our company-wide quality management system assures that our products and services will satisfy the customer's expectations.

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