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Gold Solders and Pastes in Electronic Applications

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This article briefly describes the other applications of gold. In addition to gold-based finishes on contacts and connectors, and gold-bonding wires in semiconductor devices, gold is also used in other applications.

These applications include:

  1. Gold-based solder alloys
  2. Sputtered gold metallization
  3. Thick- and thin-film gold paste applications
  4. Solderable gold-based coatings for printed circuit boards

Solder Gold

With the help of a melt, solder gold alloys are used for joining the metallic surfaces. This melt reacts with both the surfaces to be linked, and forms a bond after solidification. Most often, alloys are based on gold along with either gallium, nickel, copper, silicon, or germanium.

Thick- and Thin-Film Gold Pastes for Printed Circuits

Additional uses of gold are thick- and thin-film pastes, wherein a circuit is printed on a ceramic base by using an ink-like paste. This paste contains gold and sputtering targets that are used in the production of thin metallization coatings.

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