MapleSim : High-Performance Multi-Domain Modeling and Simulation

MapleSim : High-Performance Multi-Domain Modeling and Simulation

With MapleSim, systems are described in a compact and intuitive component diagram using next-generation physical modeling techniques, making them easier to build and understand. Model equations are automatically generated and simplified, yielding concise models and high-speed simulations of sophisticated systems. With MapleSim, you will produce better products and dramatically shorten the product development cycle.

MapleSim™ is a high-performance multi-domain modeling and simulation tool which will revolutionize how you bring products to market. The world's most advanced symbolic computing engine comes together with traditional numeric solvers to supercharge the simulation and modeling process.

  • MapleSim allows you to mix physical components with traditional signal-flow blocks.
  • The model diagram looks like the real system.
  • Multi-domain models are easily assembled from pre-built components.
  • Multibody mechanical systems are simulated with a powerful, unique engine.
  • Custom components are defined by deriving and specifying the mathematical equations that determine the behavior of the component.
  • Units management removes potential conversion and consistency errors.
  • Live design documentation captures the analysis behind the model.
  • System equations are automatically generated for you.
  • Complex models are automatically simplified using sophisticated symbolic techniques.
  • Solutions are easy to share and deploy.

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