Spectro FDM Q600 Portable Fuel Analysis Dilution Meter from Spectro Incorporated

The Spectro FDM Q600 from Spectro Inc. is a portable fuel analysis dilution meter that provides both laboratory and field measurements of fuel contamination in engine oil.

The instrument uses a surface acoustic wave (SAW) vapor microsensor for the measurement of fuel concentration in lubricating oil samples. A pump inside the device directs headspace vapors towards the SAW sensor, which determines the absorbed hydrocarbons through a frequency change in SAW.

Benefits and Features

The key benefits and features of the Spectro FDM Q600 are as follows:

  • Measures fuel in oil from 0% to 10%
  • Single point calibration
  • Smaller footprint, suitable for both lab and field use
  • User friendly, robust and reliable
  • Takes ~ 60 seconds to perform a measurement
  • Low maintenance, self-diagnostic program
  • Economical to use as it does not require chemical or consumables
  • Specially designed ‘clamp and sample’ bottle platform enables analysis of 40 or more samples per hour


The key applications of the Spectro FDM Q600 are:

  • Machine condition based monitoring
  • Fuel dilution measurement in used oils

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