LubeTrak: Web-Based Fluid Analysis Information Management System

LubeTrack from Spectro Scientific is a web-based subscription service that automatically tracks, analyzes, graphs, stores, and updates a company’s fluid analysis test results. Featuring cloud-based storage, LubeTrak provides companies of all sizes a proactive, easy-to-use and understand management information system.

The password-protected MyLubeTrak platform can be used by MicroLab users to deliver critical information quickly and effectively, enabling them to make the smartest maintenance decisions possible. LubeTrak, in combination with a MicroLab analyzer, becomes an essential tool in condition-based maintenance programs. This will help to prevent catastrophic equipment failures, avoid downtime, and reduce maintenance and overall operating cost.

LubeTrak provides 11 pre-configured data-based reports and includes an option to custom-configure reports to meet a company’s requirements. The dashboard graphics provides an overview of equipment, consolidates the latest results, and exposes ‘red-flag’ problems.

LubeTrak leads the way in using fluid-analysis reporting as a key component of any effective asset management and preventive maintenance program.

Features and Benefits

The key features and benefits of LubeTrak are as follows:

  1. Powerful Visual Summary of Data “At A Glance”: With the continuously updated Dashboard view, users can view all their summarized test data in one place in colorful, graphic charts
  2. Customized Reports: Subscribers have the option to create reports to suit their specific reporting needs by simply clicking the filtering options from the menu
  3. Monitor Trends Using Graphic Charts: Puts complicated information into an easy-to-understand format of charts or graphs. Charts can be automatically created by selecting filters to provide a visual representation of wear levels, contaminants, and other factors tracked
  4. Ability to Streamline Internal Communications: A single summary view in the Management Summary format
  5. Individual Equipment Management Monitoring Tool: LubeTrak can be used as a key tool in a total Equipment Asset Management Program with an easy option to display equipment history
  6. User Administration System: Allows the administrator (as selected for each subscribing company) to delete or add users, and provides password protected access to specific reports to each user
  7. User Preference System: Allows each user to decide when and how data is received, how it is displayed, and how that user can communicate with others
  8. Alert System: Alerts are sent to users’ mobile phone or computer and can be customized to each subscriber’s concerns and internal distribution requirements
  9. Wide Range of Pre-configured Report Options: Users can click and select filters to access 11 report views, enabling them to choose if they want to drill-down to detailed views or not
  10. Multiple Language Options for Reporting: Enables usage without need for translation in many countries

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