Combo Kit: Lightweight and Portable Viscometer/Oil Analyzer

To maintain machinery and eliminate unplanned downtime, it is very important to monitor lubricant condition. Spectro now provide a combination kit to support asset managers and planners who require accurate, lab-grade oil condition information for time-sensitive maintenance decisions.

Spectro’s portable test kit combines the power of the SpectroVisc Q3050 fluid viscometer and the Fluidscan® Q1000 infrared spectrometer in a single, lightweight, solvent-free kit.

Features & Benefits

Benefits of Fluidscan® Q1000

  • Durable, portable, and solvent-free
  • TAN or TBN analysis, contamination and additive depletion by infrared spectroscopy
  • Spontaneous decision making on lubricant condition

Benefits of SpectroVisc Q3050

  • Solvent-free
  • Highly accurate
  • Fixed temperature at 40°C
  • Easy operation


The combination kit combines the technologies of two of Spectro’s most popular portable products - the Fluidscan® Q1000 and the SpectroVisc Q3050 in a transportable case, and offers the following:

  • Immediate feedback on critical properties
  • Extension of oil change intervals
  • Convenience of on-site analyses
  • Elimination of catastrophic equipment failures
  • Reduction in maintenance and operational costs

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