InfraCal 2 Model TRANS-SP from Spectro Scientific

The new InfraCal 2 TRANS-SP from Spectro Scientific is designed for measuring the levels of FOG in wastewater, TPH in soil, and oil in water with the help of conventional EPA methods such as 418.1 and 413.2, or ASTM methods such as D7066-04. The extracting solvents used in the analyzer include S-316, AK-225, and perchloroethylene free of hydrocarbon and Freon-113.

The results of the analyzer can be compared to ISO 9377-2 and EPA 1664 methods. The analyzer retains light weight volatile components from the extract deposited in a 10mm quartz cuvette cell for measurement. The measurement data can be accurate down to 0.1ppm.

Key Features

The main features of the InfraCal 2 TRANS-SP are:

  1. Minimum soil detection limit of up to 1ppm
  2. Minimum water detection limit of up to 0.1ppm
  3. Multi-language interface
  4. Password protection system
  5. Touch screen display
  6. Internal data storage/export
  7. Multiple calibrations
  8. Sub-ppm detection
  9. Internal battery


The major applications of the InfraCal 2 TRANS-SP are:

  1. Oil in drill cuttings
  2. TPH in soil remediation
  3. FOG in wastewater
  4. Sub-ppm oil in water
  5. TOG/TPH in produced water
  6. Oil in water in petroleum industry

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