VeraSpec MBx Three Stage Gas Analyzer from Extrel

The Extrel VeraSpec™ MBx quadrupole mass spectrometer system is a discreetly pumped, three stage gas analyser developed for sampling condensable and reactive gases.

The MBx is developed with a heated inlet, easily changed first aperture and skimmer, and an isolation gate valve, to enable inlet maintenance for applications, such as pyrolysis, which have challenging sample conditions.

The carefully engineered inlet provides a supersonic expansion of the sample into the vacuum to maintain sample integrity ensuring accurate analysis of analytes before they react or decompose. The VeraSpec™ MBx is an integral part of the high throughput analytical pyrolysis (HTAP) system, which was developed in collaboration between the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Extrel, ArborGen, and Frontier Labs. The HTAP system is being used for accelerating the search for new and improved biofuel sources and has shown improvement in the analysis of pyrolysis products.

Key Features

The key features of the VeraSpec™ MBx are:

  • Sampling from source pressures of 100 Torr to 2 atm
  • Optional to 100 atm
  • Heated first aperture for condensable compounds
  • Isolation gate valve to keep MS under vacuum during first stage maintenance
  • Cross Beam Deflector Ionizer deflects ions 90° off-axis separating ions from photons, metastables, particulates, and molecular beam gases. This increases signal to noise by filtering out common and controllable causes of background noise.
  • Analog and positive ion counting
  • Negative ion/ electron attachment option
  • Signal gating option (beam chopper and lock-in amplifier)
  • Merlin Automation data system


The applications of the VeraSpec MBx are:

  • Pyrolysis
  • Reactive Gas Analysis
  • Condensable Gas Analysis
  • Super Critical Fluid sampling

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