MAX300-LG Laboratory Gas Analyzer from Extrel

The MAX300-LG™ laboratory gas analyzer packages the analytical capabilities of our high performance Industrial mass spectrometer for the laboratory. This analyzer provides the Extrel quadrupole performance in an economical package that is suited for climate controlled laboratory environments. Typical applications include catalysis research, bench scale reactors, process development and pilot scale research.

Key Features

The key features of MAX300-LG Laboratory Gas Analyzer are:

  • An innovatively designed inlet that enables replacement in seconds without the need for tedious alignment procedures
  • Dual filament ionizer in which one film is in use and the other is a spare
  • High compression turbo molecular pump with molecular drag - A "Fail safe" interlock protects the system against a power failure or sudden vacuum loss. The vacuum chamber is also equipped with a vacuum gauge and an auto vent assembly.
  • Mass range from 1-250 amu (optional 300 amu) with the capability to monitor gases and vapours with fragment masses that fall within that range
  • The standard dual Faraday/Electron Multiplier detector provides a range from 10 parts per billion (ppb) to 100%
  • The system provides an automatic filament switchover for continuous operation

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