Vacuum Oxygen Decarburization (VOD)

Industrial procedure, VOD, guarantees the quality of stainless steel, depending on rapid and accurate measurements of stream components throughout the process. MAX300-RTG™ Industrial Process Mass Spectrometer is ideal for this application, with fast and reliable measurements which can be customized.

It can monitor all seven elements of the full exhaust in < 3 seconds and present the swift alterations in component concentrations throughout each stage of the process.

Overall this means that oxygen flow can be controlled, so contaminating carbon can be released as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. It also means that once the contaminants are converted, the oxygen flow can be halted to allow for increased gas removal from liquid steel via a vacuum at the right time.

The MAX300-RTG Industrial Process Mass Spectrometer from Extrel is an ideal system for this application. Without affecting the accuracy of the measurement, this system locates the end of each VOD stage. Continual sampling can also be achieved through optimal differentially pumped inlets.

The next generation inlets, ionizers and filament assemblies designed by Extrel all improve filament life, reduce maintenance and system downtime.

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