VeraSpec Thermal Desorption Spectrometer (TDS) for the Exploration of Chemical Species from Extrel

The VeraSpec thermal desorption spectrometer (TDS) from Extrel is a scientific tool used for investigating chemical species desorbed from a heated sample. The system consists of a water-cooled sample system that allows quick exchange of samples. The system operates at a temperature range between ambient to 1200°C.

The VeraSpec TDS functions are similar to the Extrel MAX flange mounted mass spectrometer. The MAX system is a UHV compatible, fully integrated mass spectrometer that features the Merlin CS (Command System) and a Quadrupole Mass filter power supply.

Key Features

The main features of the VeraSpec TDS are:

  • Fully integrated temperature control
  • Simple Point & Click evaluation of individual spectra
  • Ceramic oven with water cooler and heating function up to 1200°C
  • TDS chamber with ion gauge, hi cube 70 L/sec dry pumping station, and load lock door
  • Channeltron electron multiplier detector
  • EI Ionizer
  • Integrated with vacuum safety interlock, rack mounted electronics, and chamber blanket system

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