MAX Systems: UHV-Compatible Flange-Mounted Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer from Extrel

MAX Systems, a range of UHV-compatible flange-mounted quadrupole mass spectrometers, are designed based on Extrel’s advanced mass spectrometer technology. Developed for a wide range of applications, the MAX Systems feature a detector, quadrupole mass filter and an ionizer mounted on a flange.

The electronics of the system include the Merlin Command System (CS) and the rack-mountable QCi quadrupole mass filter power supply. The system also features the 9.5mm and 19mm tri-filter mass filters and the Merlin mass spectrometer controller software.

Key Features

The main features of the MAX Systems are as follows:

  • UHV-compatible flange mounted with quadrupole mass filter, detector, and ionizer
  • Electronics integrates Merlin Command System and quadrupole mass filter power supply
  • RF power supplies
  • 9.5mm and 19mm tri-filter mass filters
  • Merlin mass spectrometer controller software

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