Torque Screwdriver Calibration with the TSCC

The Mecmesin TSCC torque screwdriver check calibration system is a fast throughput, semi-automated tester that is not reliant on an operator, helping to eliminate any inconsistencies and operator fatigue during the process.

The TSCC is based on the Mecmesin Vortex-xt torque tester and uses superior quality certified torque cells to offer maximum precision, reproducibility, and complete repeatability.

Only a single button is needed to complete a test. The barcode asset tracking feature allows an automated calibration log to be completed.

The system allows large numbers of tools to be checked every day without the issues of repetitive strain injuries, it also eliminates other issues related to manually separating and logging tools that require adjustment.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use
  • Automated testing
  • Broad torque range: 0 to 10 N.m (0 to 90
  • Several tests completed in seconds
  • Instant PASS/FAIL indication
  • Barcode tool identification (optional)


Semi-automated Torque Screwdriver Check Calibrator - Product Overview - Mecmesin Torque Measurement

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