Advanced Force & Torque Indicator from Mecmesin

This force and torque display unit offers the best accuracy and flexibility within a digital instrument.

The Advanced Force & Torque Indicator works in conjunction with Mecmesin 'SMART' sensors and can be used handheld or fixed to a test jig for optimum measurement performance.

With easy interchangeability of sensors and automatic recognition via the 'SMART' connector, this display unit becomes a powerful battery or mains-powered instrument.

The AFTI display unit offers enhanced features:

  • Pass/Fail Alarms
  • View 1st peak & ultimate max readings
  • Store up to 500 readings
  • Reversible display

Key Features of the Advanced Force & Torque Indicator:

  • Excellent accuracy ±0.1% of full scale
  • Measure torque, tension or compression
  • Automatic recognition of sensors
  • Single-click conversion of units
  • Data output - RS232, digimatic or analogue
  • Overload warning, with trend bar
  • Diagnostic check of loadcell
Advanced Force & Torque Indicator - Product Overview Video - Mecmesin Force & Torque Measurement

Customer Testimonial

The Mecmesin force and torque products are simple to use, reliable and have significantly increased the speed of design development at the company. The programming was found to be intuitive and calculations and data export features particularly useful, especially when setting up programs for non-technical staff.

Adlens, Manufacturer of Adjustable Glasses

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