Shotcrete Penetrometer: Testing Sprayed Concrete

In order to ensure maximum strength, verification of consistency is crucial in the initial stages of the concrete curing process.

During this phase, a number of needle penetration tests provide a reliable indication of texture, and can be considered along with other tests as the mixture hardens over time.

Mecmesin’s Shotcrete Penetrometer offers accurate readings of the forces needed to penetrate poured or sprayed concrete during the first few hours of development, providing a reliable indication of compressive strength and curing progress.

Its portability and accuracy make it suitable for on-site testing to BS EN 14488-2 (Method A) and use in combination with other tests as the mixture hardens over time.

Key Features

  • Resolution 1:5000
  • Sturdy, cleanable, and portable design
  • Live display for ease of reading
  • Quick and easy penetration needle swapping
  • Integrated 1000 N loadcell
  • Required 10 N accuracy (+-0.1% of 1000 N F.S.)
  • Measurement units in N, kN, mN, lbf, kgf or gf
  • Store up to 500 readings in memory
  • Penetrometer needle adaptor and 15 needles
  • RS232 data output to printer or SPC systems

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Concrete penetration testing ensures:

  • Accuracy and repeatability
  • Optimum safety
  • Optimum reliability
  • Simple operation suitable for unskilled staff
  • Minimizing costly down time
  • Consistent quality in concrete layers
  • Compliance with recognized standards

Mecmesin Shotcrete Penetrometer

The Mecmesin Shotcrete Penetrometer is a fully portable system for testing the compressive strength of the preliminary stage of young sprayed concrete to BS EN 14488-2 (Method A). The kit includes:

  • 1 x Carry case
  • 15 x Penetration needles (15 mm needle, diameter 3 mm, top angle 60º)
  • 1 x Shotcrete Penetrometer with dual handle (fitted)
  • 1 x Penetrometer adaptor
  • 5 x Rechargeable NIMH batteries
  • 1 x Mains adaptor/charger
  • 1 x User guide
  • 1 x Operating manual
  • 1 x Calibration certificate

Customer Testimonial

The Mecmesin penetrometer provides accurate low strength data (up to 1 MPa) as soon as you can start testing. This data can immediately be shared with the Shotcrete crews working underground.

The instrument and accessories have brought benefits through easy transportation and has the ability to be used for shotcrete trials, where the samples are shot to be cored at a later date. This has eliminated the need to transport additional samples.

Adam O’Ray, Quality Control Manager, Multicrete Systems Inc.

Shotcrete penetrometer testing - testing young sprayed concrete

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