Analyzing Refinery and Petrochemicals with the HP30

The HP30 is specifically designed for the in-line monitoring of hydrogen concentrations present in a variety of refinery and petrochemical plant contaminants to allow for the accurate measurement of hydrogen recycling and make-up process streams. When utilized during typical refinery process units, the HP30 hydrogen analyzer is expected to save the respective industry approximately $200,000 each year, solely by improving the management of hydrogen within their applied processes.

Incorporated ABB’s ‘Measurement made easy’ design philosophy, the HP30 is equipped with an easy to install plug and play analyzer, built-in sample conditioning, and a pressure regulation system that can be directly connected to the monitoring process. Because of these product features, the HP30 rapidly delivers highly reliable measurements of hydrogen concentrations present within the following unit operations:

  • Catalytic reformers
  • Hydrocrackers
  • Isomerization unit
  • Butamer off-gas
  • Hydrotreater and fuel gas production

The determination of hydrogen levels is extremely important, as this element is highly valuable and is often a limited resource within modern complex refineries. To ensure that the operation of a refinery remains profitable, ensuring that effective fuel upgrading, conversion activities, and the effective control of final product fuel quality is often dependent upon managing the removal of sulfur from intermediate process streams.

When hydrogen management is not adequate, catalyst failure or a significantly reduced throughput can be a result. By eliminating prevent process upsets from occurring, the HP30 avoids millions in catalyst replacement costs.

When equipped with the latest sensor technology, the HP30 is protected against typical refinery contaminants such as H2S, CO, CO2, and light hydrocarbons. It is also important to note that this device does not require regular maintenance checks and eliminates the use of expensive consumables.

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