High Performance Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

As a high performance ultrasonic level transmitter, the LST300 is capable of accurately measuring level, distance, and open channel flow in ranges that reach up to 10 meters (30 feet). This non-contact level measuring instrument has been specifically designed for use on liquid levels in a wide variety of applications in numerous industries.

By eliminating the limitations that are often associated with traditional intelligent compact transmitters, the LST300 is capable of surviving multiple types of adverse environmental conditions easily.

The design of the LST300 includes a metal present at the top of the device and PVDF at the bottom. As the first compact ultrasonic device that is corrosion-resistant throughout the entire instrument, the LST300 is has been provided with ingress protection approvals up to IP68 (optional) that ensure the ability of the entire device to survive flooding.

The LST300 is a compact device that maintains some of the most advanced functions found on any ultrasonic device in any class of instruments. Installation of this device is made easy because of the graphic echo display and advanced diagnostics.

The false echo filtering algorithm incorporated into the LST300, combined with the best‑in‑class beam angle, ensures an easy installation procedure in even the narrowest areas that have numerous obstructions. With through the glass technology, the LST300, while solely being powered by two-wire loop power, does not require any type of configuration.

Product Features

  • Does not require any maintenance throughout its full-service life
  • Non-contact continuous level sensor
  • 2-wire instrument with HART digital communication
  • Measurement range that reaches up to 10 meters
  • Temperature range: -40 - 85 ˚C
  • Accuracy:
    • ±2 mm
    • 0.2 % of full span (the larger one)
  • Beam angle as low as 5˚ with false echo filtering for narrow spaces
  • Easy installation and setup menu
  • Graphic echo display
  • Advanced diagnostic technology available
  • Unique GAP technology maintains the highest level of performance under any condition
  • IP66/67 and NEMA 4X
    • Device can be submerged as deep as 1 m deep for a total duration of 30 minutes
  • ATEX
  • IEC
  • FM Intrinsic safe non-sparking approved

Additional Options

  • Through the Glass (TTG) buttons
  • Standard push buttons
  • Choice of HMI interface
  • Measuring range of 6 m (20 ft.) or 10 m (32 ft.)
  • FM, ATEX, IECEx or NEPSI approved, intrinsically safe or non‑sparking
  • Standard, extendable or floor mounted brackets
    • All available for easy installation
  • Flange mounting options

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