Discover the Ultrasonic Level Transmitter LST200

Level measurement is a core requirement in several industries where precise data on liquid levels is required for various purposes, spanning from handling storage through to reporting.

In water and wastewater treatment applications, where numerous level devices may be used, a product that provides basic commissioning, consistent operation, rapid delivery, and easy maintenance offers noteable customer value.

Built together with ABB’s customers and drawing on the company’s wide-ranging expertise in level measurement, the LST200 ultrasonic level transmitter provides a simple, reliable, and smart level measurement solution.

The LST200 features a flexible design and uses cutting-edge developments in digital sensing technology, including integrated smart chip and an interface for upgrading with future contemporary data acquisition techniques, such as NB-IoT, providing the complete benefits of digitalization for better measurement and data sharing.

Image Credit: ABB Measurement & Analytics

Key Features

Image Credit: ABB Measurement & Analytics

Image Credit: ABB Measurement & Analytics


  • Simple setup menu and bright backlight enables easy configuration
  • Installation, maintenance, and upgrade are made easy with modular design

Smart and Reliable

  • Small transmitter equipped with real-time echo waveform display and diagnostic messages
  • Smart and reliable algorithm with noise filtering for complex applications
  • Reliable precision with temperature compensation (better than ±3 mm or 0.25% of total span)
  • Dependable electromagnetic compatibility (IEC CISPR standard) verified by independent laboratory testing
  • Dependable protection grade IP66/IP68, which is standard for the water and wastewater sector

Typical Water and Wastewater Applications

Image Credit: ABB Measurement & Analytics

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