XSeriesG4 Flow Computers for Remote Oil and Gas Systems

All XSeriesG4 units from ABB Measurement & Analytics possess multi-tube capability—up to eight per unit, or 20 tubes per unit in some cases—with custody-transfer measurement features. The versatility of these units, including backward compatibility with legacy Totalflow systems, enables users to boost productivity and optimize asset utilization.

Built for either pulse (linear) or differential (orifice) metering, the XSeriesG4 models come in different enclosure sizes that may house up to six TFIO modules and several different battery sizes. Moreover, with their outstanding processing speed and memory capacity (203 MHz 32-bit microprocessor, Windows® CE operating system), users can operate more applications faster than previously possible.

Besides basic flow computer inputs, the regular XSeriesG4 has a built-in Ethernet 10 Base-T port that allows complete networking capabilities, and USB host and device ports for flashing new firmware and high-speed local set up and collection.

XSeriesG4 Flow Computers for Remote Oil and Gas Systems

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