Endura AZ40 – Measurement of Oxygen and COe (Carbon Monoxide Equivalent) Levels

ABB offers the Endura AZ30 flameproof or explosion-proof combustion gas analyzer system, which is specifically developed for use in hazardous environments.

Built on a zirconium oxide cell, the sensor is placed at the tip of the probe, which is integrated into the flue duct. The ensuing direct and on-site measurement offers fast, reliable and precise oxygen reading for emission monitoring and optimization of combustion control.

Key Features

  • Sophisticated design and accurate manufacturing — Rugged and durable probe for process temperatures of up to 700°C; precise and stable oxygen measurement
  • Built-in auto-calibration system — Ensures easy compliance for emission monitoring regulation
  • Industry-standard flange configurations and probe lengths up to 2.0 m — Fully site-serviceable probe with extensive installation options
  • Advanced transmitters — HART communications, simplified monitoring, configuration, and intuitive HMI as well as cell performance logging and diagnostics
  • System certification (ATEX / IECEx) — Certified for use in Zones 1, 2, 21, 22 and Gas Groups IIA, IIB + H2 and Dust IIIC
  • System certification (FM USA and Canada) — Certified for use in Class I Division 1 gas groups BCD, Class II Division 1 dust groups EFG
ABB AZ40 Combustion Gas Analyzer

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