Measure Gas Concentration with LGR-ICOS 950 Series Laser Process Analyzers

The LGR-ICOS 950 Series laser process analyzers can provide highly accurate and sensitive measurements on gas concentrations within both simple and complex sample over a wide and dynamic range at a rapid response rate.

By eliminating both consumables and frequent calibration requirements, the LGR-ICOS laser process analyzers have been found to significantly improve the process monitoring and control of numerous refining and petrochemical applications, while also accurately measuring trace gases in HyCO, regeneration hydrogen and inert gases.

Product Features

  • Measurements of multiple gases 
    • Rapid response rate that occurs within seconds
    • High sensitivity with the parts per billion (ppb) range
    • Highly accurate measurements for complex gas matrices
  • Reduced associated costs
    • Elimination of consumables reduces operational costs
    • Limited moving parts improves overall reliability of the system
    • Easy to service
  • Simple operation
    • Easy set-up
    • LCD touch-screen display can be used for full operation requirements
    • Contextual system diagnostics
    • Reduced maintenance effort
  • Global approvals for explosion protection

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