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Featured solutions for data integrity and workflow efficiency—LabX laboratory software.

Multiple Instruments, One Software

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The LabX™ laboratory software enables users to simplify processes and minimize system maintenance:

  • Instruments, SOPs, resources, tasks, and users can be managed centrally, and then distributed to all connected instruments.
  • Users can effortlessly combine their lab systems into LIMS, ELNs, or ERPs through the single LabX interface to cover whole workflows.
  • Effort for validation, maintenance, and support of users’ computerized lab systems can be reduced.
  • Smooth operation of lab systems can be ensured with just one interface to learn.

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Compliance Made Easy

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The LabX™ laboratory software enables users to meet regulation and data integrity demands efficiently:

  • Users can ensure safe workflows and maintain the quality of data high.
  • Traceability and data integrity are ensured in compliance with the ALCOA+ framework across the workflow.
  • All technical features, such as the audit trail and electronic signatures, can be kept readily at hand to ensure accordance with regulations like 21 CFR Part 11.
  • All data can be accessed easily and swiftly during an audit.

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Increased Workflow Efficiency


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The LabX™ laboratory software allows users to accelerate their everyday work:

  • Multi-parameter workflows can be automated to improve throughput and lower cost per sample.
  • Transcription errors can be avoided with the help of the electronic data management functionality that automatically gathers full data from the analyses.
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs) can be programmed into LabX workflows, after which the software guides users step by step at the instrument terminal to arrest errors.
  • With LabX asset management, users can ensure only modified and calibrated resources are employed.

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LabX Titration software

LabX™ Titration software links to laboratory instruments and accelerates titration analyses through electronic data flow. It also ensures versatility and compliance among all users.


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LabX Balance software

LabX™ Balance software provides core control of instruments, users, and tasks, SOP guidance on the balance terminal, and removal of manual transcription.


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LabX UV Vis software

LabX™ UV Vis spectrophotometer software saves all data automatically in a safe database to ensure easy handling of results. The automated performance verification ensures users stay compliant.


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LabX pH software

LabX™ pH software linked to the SevenExcellence™ pH Meter offers complete data reliability. Along with the InMotion™ Autosampler, it allows automated measurements of over 300 samples.


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LabX Density and Refractometry software

LabX™ Density and Refractometry software offers electronic data management, ensures compliance, and links all the instruments for concurrent analyses.


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LabX Melting Point software

LabX™ Melting Point software offers safe and versatile data handling, and ensures compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and smooth integration into ELN, LIMS, or ERP systems.



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