DSC 3+ Thermal Analysis System from Mettler Toledo

Differential Scanning Calorimetry for Routine Analysis

With its modular design, the DSC 3+ of the Mettler Toledo Thermal Analysis Excellence Line is an ideal option for automatic or manual operation, ranging from quality assurance and production through to research and development.

The DSC employs an innovative DSC sensor with 120 thermocouples that ensure excellent resolution and matchless sensitivity.

  • Amazing sensitivity—for the quantification of weak effects
  • Outstanding resolution—enables measurement of close-lying effects and quick changes
  • Modular concept—custom-made solutions for present and future requirements


Source: Mettler Toledo

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Temperature range -150 to 700 °C
Sensor FRS 6+ with 56 thermocouples or HSS 9+ with 120 thermocouples
Heating rate 0.02 to 300 K/min
TAWN resolution (FRS/HSS) 0.12/0.2
TAWN sensitivity (FRS/HSS) 11.9/56
Indium response ratio (FRS sensor) >155/85 mW/°C
Material Number(s) 30139230
Trade Name DSC


Innovative Technology

Features and benefits of the DSC 3+

  • Amazing sensitivity allows the measurement of weak effects.

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo

  • Outstanding resolution enables quantification of close-lying effects and quick changes.

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo

  • Robust endurance-tested sample robot functions reliably and efficiently throughout the day.
  • Small and large sample volumes for inhomogeneous or microgram samples.
  • Modular concept offers custom-made solutions for present and future requirements.
  • Flexible calibration and adjustment ensure precise outcomes under all conditions.
  • Wide temperature range from –150 to 700 °C in a single measurement.

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