UV5 Spectrophotometer from METTLER TOLEDO

Spectrum scans within 1 second, instant instrument readiness, pre-defined applications and the intuitive One Click interface make this the perfect instrument to optimize workflows within quality control.

Simple One Click™ Operation

METTLER TOLEDO’s UV5 has a large color touchscreen that features an intuitive One Click™ interface. All users have their home screen, allowing everyday tasks to be done in just a single click.

Ready to Use

The instrument is readily available for direct use. Users can simply power it up and begin quantifying.

Clean Up the Lab Bench

Small-sized layout of optical components enables notably compact footprint. Hence, the instrument can be made to function independently without using a PC.



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Wavelength range (nm) 190 nm - 1,100 nm
Photometric accuracy (K2Cr2O7) ±0.01 A
Wavelength accuracy ±1.0 nm
Resolution (Toluene in hexane) >1.5
Stray light (KCl, 198 nm) >2
Options Printer; Cuvettes; CuvetteChanger; Barcode Reader; Fingerprint Reader; FillPalMini; CertiRef; LabX PC Software
Shortcuts per user 24
Max. number of methods 50
User Identification yes
Languages Chinese; English; French; German; Italian; Portuguese; Russian; Spanish; Japanese
Minimal scan time 1 s
Display 7 inch QVGA Color TFT touch sensitive screen
Displayed resolution 800x400
Dimensions (DxHxW) 10.04 in x 8.98 in x 8.19 in (255 mm x 228 mm x 208 mm)
Weight (incl. terminal) 6.4 kg
Material number(s) 30254725


Keep Control of All Costs

The instrument is powerful and simple to maintain with no moving parts in the optical set-up.

Measurement Within Seconds

Most advanced fiber optics are integrated with a Xenon flash lamp and a CCD array detector, thus enabling a complete spectrum scan within 1 second.

Open Sample Area

Thanks to the open sample compartment, samples can be handled simply and quickly. Installation of accessories such as holders can be easily done.

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