Advanced Portable Conductivity Meter from METTLER TOLEDO

Professional portable conductivity meter with a robust and durable design for measuring in the laboratory, in-line, or in the field.

METTLER TOLEDO’s Seven2Go S3-Kit is a conductivity portable meter kit equipped with InLab 738-ISM IP67. The kit enables mobile quality measurement.

Fast Quality Data on the Go

Equipped with automatic sensor recognition, calibration reminder, and simplified menu, the Seven2Go S3-Kit allows users to achieve high-quality data easily and rapidly.

Comfortable One-handed Operation

The sleek design and easy-to-reach, hard-key buttons in the Seven2Go S3-Kit allow easy, one-handed operation even during extended use and under wet conditions.

Robust Investment that Lasts

The Seven2Go S3-Kit is lightweight, features an IP67 design, and comes with a sturdy uGo carrying case. These features ensure a durable instrument and offer consistent data even under adverse situations.



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Parameter Conductivity
Channel Single-channel
Version kit Ready-to-measure kit
Sensor InLab 738-ISM
Conductivity measuring range 0.010 μS/cm – 500 mS/cm
Conductivity resolution 0.001 – 1
Conductivity accuracy (±) 0.5 %
Temperature Range -5 °C – 105 °C
Temperature Resolution 0.1 °C
Temperature accuracy (±) 0.2 °C
Portable Yes
ISM support Yes
Memory size 200 measurements
Protection Rating Watertight and dustproof (IP67)


Simple Menu—Intuitive Operation

The Seven2Go S3-Kit includes the latest intuitive menu that allows out-of-the-box operation for all users. There is no need for users to study extensive operating instructions.

T-pad—Comfortable, Fast Navigation

The latest T-Pad in the Seven2Go S3-Kit enhances the speed with which users move through the menus. In addition, the smart button arrangement enables faster navigation and thus reduces the time required for actual measurement.


ISM® Ready—Reduced Chances for Error

After connecting to any InLab ISM® (Intelligent Sensor Management) sensor, the instrument automatically detects the sensor and stores serial number, sensor ID, and last calibration data.

IP67—Weatherproof and Robust Design

With its drop test resistance and IP67 protection, the latest Seven2Go portables can resist demanding and adverse settings.


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