Spectrophotometer UV5Nano from METTLER TOLEDO

FastTrack™ UV/VIS Spectroscopy. The UV5Nano is a dedicated micro-volume instrument for life science research with a large library of predefined bio-applications such as DNA and Protein analysis. For flexibility, standard 1cm cuvette measurements can also be conducted.

Accurate Micro-Volume Measurements

Just 1 μL of sample is needed for consistent measurements. Errors are prevented and measurement precision is ensured due to LockPath™ technology.

Rapid Measurement of Wide Concentration Ranges

Measurement is made at two defined pathlengths, making it possible to cover a broad concentration range without additional dilutions.

Double Application Power

The spectrophotometer UV5Nano is two instruments integrated into one: users can carry out cuvette micro-volume measurements.



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Wavelength Range (nm) 190 nm - 1,100 nm
Photometric accuracy (K2Cr2O7) ±0.01 A
Wavelength accuracy ±1.0 nm
Path length 0.1 mm; 1.0 mm
Cuvette holder yes
Options Printer; Cuvettes; Barcode Reader; Fingerprint Reader; FillPalMini; LabX PC Software
Resolution (Toluene in hexane) >1.7
Stray light (KCl, 198 nm) >2
Shortcuts per user 24
Max. Number of Methods 50
User Identification yes
Languages Chinese; English; French; German; Italian; Portuguese; Russian; Spanish; Japanese
Minimal Scan time 1 s
Display 7 inch QVGA Color TFT touch sensitive screen
Displayed Resolution 800x400
Dimensions (DxHxW) 10.04 in x 8.54 in x 8.19 in (255 mm x 217 mm x 208 mm)
Weight (incl. Terminal) 7.2 kg
Terminal resolution 800x400
Material Number(s) 30254729


Ergonomic Design

Secure and convenient: The instrument’s design helps operators to place their hands to direct the tip of the pipette.

Simple One Click™ Operation

An intuitive One Click™ interface is included in the huge color touchscreen. This provides all users with their own home screen and allows them to perform day-to-day tasks in just a single click.

Rugged and Easy to Maintain

The UV5Nano instrument does not have any moving parts in the optical set-up, thus making it powerful and easy to maintain. Cleaning becomes fast and easy due to the flat surface of the micro-volume platform.

Ready to Use

The UV5Nano instrument is delivered ready for instant use. For instance, the Xenon flash lamp does not require any warm-up time, which means users can simply power it up and begin their measurement process.

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