Prof Anthony D. Rollett

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Carnegie Mellon University
United States
PH: +1 (412) 2683177
Fax: +1 (412) 2683113
Email: [email protected]


Professor Rollett obtained an M.A. in Metallurgy and Materials Science from Cambridge University, England in 1977 and a Ph.D. in Materials Engineering from Drexel University in 1987. He worked for the Los Alamos National Laboratory for sixteen years, rising to be the Deputy Director of the Materials Science & Technology Division in 1994.

He then moved to CMU to be the Department Head in Materials Science & Engineering, which position he occupied from 1995 to 2000. He became a Fellow of ASM International in 1996 and a Fellow of the Institute of Physics (UK) in 2004. He is active in the Materials Research Science & Engineering Center at CMU; is the Focal Area Point of Contact for Computational Chemistry & Materials for the DoD; is the Chair of the International Committee for the Conference on Recrystallization and Grain Growth; was Chair of the International Conference on Textures of Materials (ICOTOM) held at CMU in 2008; he also is involved in the DOE Computational Materials Science Network.

Research Interests

Statistical methods for describing and constructing microstructures in three dimensions; microstructure-property relationships in crystallographically textured materials; grain boundaries, their anisotropic properties and their impact on microstructural evolution; grain growth and recrystallization; structure and properties of nano-laminate composites; computer simulation of microstructural evolution and properties of materials; texture- and interface- sensitive properties, e.g. strength, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance.

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