Prof Jim Low


Curtin University

Department of Applied Physics
GPO Box U1987, Perth
Western Australia
PH: 61 (0) 892667544
Fax: 61 (0) 892662377
Email: [email protected]


Areas of expertise include:

  • MAX Phases
  • Natural Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites
  • Natural Fibre Reinforced Geopolymer Composites
  • Cold-Ceramics
  • Advanced Diffraction Science
  • In-Situ Diffraction Studies
  • TiO 2 and ZnO Photocatalysts
  • Electro-Spinning of TiO 2 Nanofibres
  • Sol-Gel Processing
  • Failure Micromechanics and Toughening Mechanisms

Research Grants

Over 8 million dollars have been procured from the ARC, AINSE, DEST, CSIRO, State Government, Curtin University, ISIS, ASRP, etc. A selection of the major grants is listed below:

ARC Discovery-Project and Large Grants

  • ARC Discovery (2006-2008): $120,000 “Synthesis of Novel Nanostructured Ternary Carbide Composites” (Low & Davies)
  • ARC- Large Grant (2000-2002): $146,067 “Microstructural Design of Layered and Graded Alumina-based Composites” (Low, Lawn & Buckley)

ARC Linkage-International Grants

  • ARC Linkage International (2006-2009): $44,000 “Effects of Phase Purity and Porosity on the Thermal Stability of Nanolayered Ternary Carbides " (Low & Zhou)
  • ARC Linkage International (2002-2004): $36,600 “Damage Micromechanisms in Alumina Hybrid Bilayers with Graded Interfaces" (Low & Lawn)

ARC LIEF, RIEF and Mechanism-C Grants

  • ARC LIEF (2011-2012): $899,000 “ International Synchrotron Access Program - ANBF and General Access ” (with Lay, et al.)
  • ARC LIEF (2010): $600,000 “ Combined Scanning Tunnelling Microscope System for Materials Characterisation and Manipulation at Nano Scale ” (with Dou, et al.)
  • ARC LIEF (2009-2010): $380,000 “ Australian Access to and Operation of Advanced Synchrotron Radiation Facilities at the Photon Factory” (with Ridgway, et al.)
  • ARC LIEF (2009): $575,000 “Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) Facility for Advanced Materials Processing” (with Cheng, et al.)
  • ARC LIEF (2008-2012): $1,000,000 “Access for Australian Researchers to Advanced Neutron Beam Techniques” (with Mather, et al.)
  • ARC LIEF (2007): $500,000 “The Nanoscale Characterisation Centre WA Focussed Ion Beam Nanofabrication and Milling Facility” (with van Riessen, et al.)
  • ARC RIEF Grant (1996): $145,000 “ Advanced materials research laboratory – Stage II ” (with O’Connor, Rangan, et al.)
  • ARC RIEF Grant (1996): $150,000 “Establishment of a magnetic property measurement system” (with Street, et al.)
  • ARC RIEF Grant (1996): $250,000 “High temperature superconducting materials laboratory – Stage 2” (with Dou, et al.)
  • ARC RIEF Grant (1995): $305,000 “High temperature superconducting materials laboratory” (with Dou, et al.)
  • ARC Mechanism C (1994): $465,000 “Establishment of an Advanced Materials Research Laboratory” (with O’Connor, et al.)

Major Qualifications

  1. Ph. D. (Materials Engineering, Monash University) 1988
  2. B. Eng. (Materials Engineering, Monash University) 1983

Major Publications

Over 250 archival research papers, books and book chapters have been produced and in excess of 950 citations have been received. H-index is 14 with an average 8 citations per paper. A selection of major research papers is shown below.

  1. W.K. Pang, I.M. Low, B.H. O’Connor, A.J. Studer, V.K. Peterson & J.P. Palmquist, Diffraction study of high-temperature thermal dissociation of Maxthal Ti 2AlC in vacuum. J. Alloys Compds. 509 (2011) 172-176.
  2. I.M. Low , W.K. Pang, S.J. Kennedy, R.I. Smith, High-temperature thermal stability of Ti 2AlN and Ti 4AlN 3: A comparative diffraction study. J. Eur. Ceram. Soc. 31 (2011) 159-166.
  3. H. Alamri, I.M. Low , Effect of water absorption on the mechanical properties of nano-filler reinforced epoxy nanocomposites. Mater. Design. 42 (2012) 214-222.
  4. A. Alhuthali, I.M. Low and C. Dong, Characterisation of water absorption, thermal and mechanical characteristics of cellulose fibre/clay reinforced vinyl-ester nanocomposites. Composites: Part B 43 (2012) 2772–278
  5. H. Alamri, I.M. Low and Z. Alothman, Mechanical, thermal and morphological characteristics of cellulose fibre/clay  reinforced epoxy nanocomposites. Composites: Part B 43 (2012) 2762–2771 .

Professional Institution Membership

  • Australian Ceramic Society - Fellow (2010-)
  • American Ceramic Society - Member (2005-)
  • Australian Fracture Group – Member (2000-)
  • Australian Ceramic Society – Federal Secretary 2005-2012, WA Branch President (2005-)
  • Also a member of the editorial board and referee for numerous international journals.

Significant Employment History

  • 1986-88 Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Sydney
  • 1988 Lecturer, University of Auckland
  • 1989 Lecturer, Curtin University of Technology
  • 1993 Senior Lecturer, Curtin University of Technology
  • 2001 Associate Professor, Curtin University of Technology
  • 2010- Professor, Curtin University of Technology

Services Offered

Materials development, testing and consultancy services.
Expert witness for legal matters.

Commercial Details

Fee Charging structure and rates

To be negotiated between client and university.


Availability and preferred contact route

Please contact via e-mail

Current availability status


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