The STA 449 F1 Simultaneous TGA/DSC from Netzsch Instruments

Dave Shepard from Netzsch Instruments shows us through their STA 449 F1 Jupiter simultaneous TGA/DSC (Thermogravimetric Analyzer/Differential Scanning Calorimeter). This instrument can be used to measure mass change and energy absorbed or given off, or enthalpy. This data can be used to determine such things as melting points, phase transformations, glass transition temperatures, thermal decomposition or oxidation.

Dave shows us the different configurations of the STA 449 F1, and the various furnaces that can be used to run measurements from -150°C all the way up 2400°C.

The STA 449 F1 also has facility to send off-gases to a mass spectrometer (MS), FTIR or even a gas chromatography mass spectrometer (GCMS) for analysis. The in-built balance has an resolution of 0.025 micrograms, making it extremely sensitive.

Run Time 6:14min

The Netzsch STA 449 F1 Simultaneous TGA/DSC

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