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Pneumatic Side Action Grips - Alignment Device

Instron’s pneumatic side action grips feature optional specimen alignment devices which increase repeatability by helping operators load the specimen in the center of the grips.

Pneumatic Side Action Grips - 2712-04x

Instron’s pneumatic side action grips have several key features to help you improve your lab’s productivity, repeatability, ease-of-use, and operator safety.

Pneumatic Side Action Grips - Jaw Face Shields

Instron’s pneumatic sifde-action grips can be equipped with jaw face shields that allow a specimen to be inserted but prevent finger picnhes.

Pneumatic Side Action Grips - Specimen Holding Device

Instron’s pneumatic side-action grips feature optional specimen holding devices that allow an operator to close the grips with their fingers out of the test space.

Pneumatic Side Action Grips - Flow Control

Instron’s pneumatic side-action grips feature an adjustable flow-control valve that can be used to slow down the closing speed and help prevent accidents.

Pneumatic Side Action Grips - Adjustable Opening

Instron’s 1, 2, 5, and 10 kN pneumatic side-action grips feature adjustable jaw face openings which can be set to the thickness of the specimen, increasing safety by preventing fingers from being inserted.

Safety Improvements for Instron APPS LAB

In this video, we offer quick tips on how to safely use an Instron® universal testing system.

Pneumatic Side Action Grips - Offsettable Jaw Faces

Instron’s 5 and 10 kN pneumatic side-action grips feature offsetable jaw faces which can be used to perform tests such as lap-shear.

Pneumatic Side Action Grips - Quick Release Hose

Instron’s pneumatic side-action grips can be changed in and out easily by using a quick-release hose.