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High-Resolution Tool Measurements with Alicona Cobots

This video demonstrates tool measurement with Alicona ToolCobots. Alicona Cobots have a collaborative 6-axis robot combined with a robust optical 3D measurement sensor to deliver high-resolution measurements. The two new Alicona Cobots are the DiscCobot and the ToolCobots.

Pneumatic Side Action Grips - Specimen Holding Device

Instron’s pneumatic side-action grips feature optional specimen holding devices that allow an operator to close the grips with their fingers out of the test space.

Dynisco LMI5000 Series MFI Demo: ASTM D1238 A/B Testing Using Polypropylene

David Azevedo, Global Support Manager at Dynisco, demonstrates the LMI5000 series ability to test method A/B per the ASTM D1238 Standard.

Prompted Test Using the BlueHill Universal

Video to show a prompted test using the BlueHill Universal from Instron.

Alicona’s Revolutionary Pick & Place System

The video shows Alicona’s new Pick & Place system—an automation solution that makes it possible to set up a complete automation process within a few minutes. The optical measurement system is extended with a robot arm to automatically pick, place, measure, and sort components.

InfiniteFocus XL1000 Measurement System from Alicona

This video demonstrates Alicona’s InfiniteFocus XL1000. It offers high-resolution measurement of roughness and shape based on Focus-Variation technology. Alicona’s InfiniteFocus is the largest measurement system in its class.

How Dynisco is Remolding the Plastics Industry Podcast (Audio Only)

In this episode, Microsoft's IoT Transformers Podcast hosts Deb Oberly and Dani Diaz talk with Dynisco President, John Biagioni, who is bringing our vision of "rheology to the masses" to fruition with trailblazing cloud solutions for the plastics industry.

Pre-Configured Method Templates for the BlueHill Universal

This video shows the pre-configured method templates for the BlueHill Universal from Instron.

Dynisco ViscoIndicator Webinar

The goal of this presentation is to provide a better understanding what's going on in the polymer market; explain why there is a market need for rheologic instrumentation; and introduce an online rheometer that is economical, easy to install, and applicable to all extrusion processors.

Alicona CADCAM Suite Enables Fully Automatic Measurement and Evaluation

This video provides a quick demo of Alicona CADCAM Suite, which enables fully automatic measurement and evaluation of production processes. The interface allows users to virtually operate the Alicona measurement system. The system is easy to use and provides accurate measurement report with OK or Not OK details.

Injection Molding Metrology Using Alicona’s InfiniteFocus

This video shows how Alicona’s InfiniteFocus is used for injection molding metrology. Alicona optical 3D metrology has several applications.

AMRC Benefits from Alicona Products

In this video, Brian Kyte discusses the background of Alicona UK and how the company’s track has changed from the laboratory setting to full-fledged production services. Tom McLeay, Head of Research at AMRC, provides details regarding why they have chosen Alicona to integrate into a manufacturing cell to provide in-process measurement capability.

Universal Testing Systems Video - 6800 Series

The 6800 Series universal testing systems range in capacity from 500 N to 50 kN and provide exceptional performance with unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

Alicona Showcases High-Resolution Metrology at EMO Hannover 2017

This video provides an overview of Alicona booth at EMO Hannover 2017. Alicona offers high-resolution metrology based on Focus Variation technology.

Pneumatic Side Action Grips - Jaw Face Shields

Instron’s pneumatic sifde-action grips can be equipped with jaw face shields that allow a specimen to be inserted but prevent finger picnhes.

Using Automated Optical 3D Metrology to Optimize Manufacturing Processes

In this video, Stefan Schere, CEO Alicona, explains about production-integrated quality assurance. He describes about optimizing manufacturing processes with automated optical 3D metrology.

Video to Show ElectroPuls Simulation

This video demonstrates ElectroPuls simulation from Instron.

Geometrical Measurement of Cooling Holes with Alicona’s InfiniteFocus

This video shows a geometrical measurement of cooling holes with Alicona’s InfiniteFocus. Alicona provides a solution for automated quality control of turbine blades with cooling holes. Alicona’s measurement solutions enable geometrical measurement of cooling holes.

ASTM/ISO Method A Test Using the Dynisco LMI5500 Melt Flow Indexer

Polymer manufacturers need to continuously deliver high quality to meet ever-changing end-use requirements. Dynisco melt flow indexers are recognized for testing the physical properties of polymers.

Video to Show the Carbon / Sulfur Analyzer ELEMENTRAC CS-i

This video demostrates the applications of the ELEMENTRAC-i, a carbon / sulfur analyzer from ELTRA.

Aliconas IF-Robot Offers High Degree of Automated Quality Assurance

This video shows Alicona’s IF-Robot for automated quality assurance. Alicona’s robust, high-resolution optical 3D metrology combined with a 6-axis robot allows users to experience a high degree of automation and improved speed, ensuring excellent quality assurance.

Pneumatic Side Action Grips - Flow Control

Instron’s pneumatic side-action grips feature an adjustable flow-control valve that can be used to slow down the closing speed and help prevent accidents.

Video to Show a QuickTest Using the BlueHill Universal

This video demonstrates a QuickTest using the BlueHill Universal from Instron.

Pneumatic Side Action Grips - Alignment Device

Instron’s pneumatic side action grips feature optional specimen alignment devices which increase repeatability by helping operators load the specimen in the center of the grips.

Pneumatic Side Action Grips - Adjustable Opening

Instron’s 1, 2, 5, and 10 kN pneumatic side-action grips feature adjustable jaw face openings which can be set to the thickness of the specimen, increasing safety by preventing fingers from being inserted.

Turbine Disk Measurement with Alicona’s DiscCobot

This video demonstrates turbine disk measurement with Alicona’s DiscCobot. Alicona Cobots combine collaborative 6-axis robot with a robust optical 3D measurement sensor for high-resolution measurements. The two new Alicona Cobots are the DiscCobot and the ToolCobot.

Pneumatic Side Action Grips - 2712-04x

Instron’s pneumatic side action grips have several key features to help you improve your lab’s productivity, repeatability, ease-of-use, and operator safety.

Why AMRC Engineers Prefer to Use Alicona Optical Systems

This video provides an insight into why engineers at AMRC use Alicona optical metrology. Mark Deadman, Business Development Director at MTDCNC.COM, discusses with engineers at AMRC about the use of Alicona products.

Visit Alicona at Hall 5 Booth 5406, Control 2017

This video provides a quick overview of Alicona systems. The company offers high-quality, high-resolution optical 3D metrology solutions based on Focus Variation technology.

Alicona’s MeX Turns SEM into a True Surface Metrology Device

In this video, the efficiency of Alicona’s MeX to turn any SEM with digital imaging into a true surface metrology device is demonstrated.

Alicona’s Optical 3D Metrology Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

In this video, Mark Deadman, Business Development Director at MTDCNC.COM, talks to Stefan Scherer, CEO, Alicona about how the company provides next-generation optical metrology. Stefan describes that Alicona offers high-quality, high-resolution optical 3D metrology solutions.

Pneumatic Side Action Grips - Quick Release Hose

Instron’s pneumatic side-action grips can be changed in and out easily by using a quick-release hose.

Pneumatic Side Action Grips - Offsettable Jaw Faces

Instron’s 5 and 10 kN pneumatic side-action grips feature offsetable jaw faces which can be used to perform tests such as lap-shear.

Universal Testing Systems Video - 3400 Series

The 3400 Series Universal Testing Machines range in capacity from 500 N to 50 kN and are designed to meet all of your force testing needs.

Safety Improvements for Instron APPS LAB

In this video, we offer quick tips on how to safely use an Instron® universal testing system.