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3D Printshow Talks about 3D Printing Work with Ogle

This video shows Ogle Models and Prototypes’ meeting and discussion with the 3D Printshow. During the meeting, the 3D Printshow explained about the 3D printing work they perform and a few projects they have undertaken.

Overview of the InfraCal 2 Biodiesel Analyzer

The InfraCal 2 Biodiesel Blend Analyzer for measuring percent biodiesel in diesel is the ideal solution where a quick, accurate, on-site measurement is required and a single, repetitive biodiesel blend analysis is needed.

Demonstration of A Tensile Test on Artificial Tissue in A Temperature-Controlled Environment by Zwick

This video from Zwick shows how a tensile test is performed an artificial tissue sample. Testing machine( 2,5 kN) with a temperature-controlled bath and a video-extensometer (videoXtens)

Demonstration of the Spectro-Visc Kinematic Viscometer

This short video demonstrates the operation of the Spectro-Visc kinematic temperature bath viscometer from Spectro Inc. The instrument features ease of use, rapid sample measurement times and low maintenance. With a measurement time of 3-4 mins per sample, the Spectro-Visc is suited to high throughput labs.

Stretchable Highly Conductive Film

The video demonstrate the development of a new highly conductive film that can be stretched like rubber. It has many application in electronic circuitry and in particularly in the development of artificial skin incorporated with sensors.

Development of Micro Titanium Needle

The features of this new production technology include its use of precious metals that have high melting points as the tube material, which is then deposited on a linear surface. Subsequently, only the surface material is removed to create a hollow structure. This technology reduces defects, improves rigidity, and can produce complex forms coated with pharmaceutical agents.

Using XRF as a Forensic Tool to Identify People

In real life forensics, people burned beyond recognition, who may not be able to be identified from fingerprints or DNA can be identified from dental fillings. Due to the fact most manufacturers make dental resins with differing compositions, researchers have been able to match the dental resins, back to a database and dental records and consequently identify people.

Biodegradable Polymers & Plastics Analysis

In this video we show the in-lab and mobile analysis of biodegradable plastics. FT-IR spectroscopy yield definite proof of the identity of plastics, making sure the right materials are used to reduce ecological impact.

TD-NMR minispec Solid Fat Content Automation

TD-NMR minispec Solid Fat Content Automation

What is Materials Science?

Ever been asked what materials science is? If so, just send people to this apage for the answer. An interesting compilation put together by the staff and students at the Department of Materials Science at UNSW.

Demonstration of the Ease of Operation of the FEI Phenom Personal Electron Microscope

This video shows just how simple the FEI Phenom personal electron microscope is to use. School children use the microscope to examine some real like samples and demonstrate the user friendly operator interface.

Ultra High Precision Machining of Titanium for Cutting Edge Products

A video clip shows how the Suzuki Precision is pushing the limits, as customer needs are becoming more demanding in fields such as medical science, biotechnology and the semiconductor industry witht he advancement of nanotechnology. These industries are requiring more sophisticated cutting tools and cutting processes with various types of metal are required. In particular Suzuki Precision works with titanium developing processing technologies to produce cost effective finished items.

HD Film on Ogle Models and Prototypes

This short HD film, produced by Regional Network Television, portrays about Ogle Models and Prototypes. Aiming to be the first choice for models and prototypes, Ogle Models meets and exceeds client's expectations with regard to service and quality.

Artificial Joint Material Using Carbon Nanotubes

Interesting video showing the latest development in artificial joint material using carbon nanotubes. Using nanobiotechnology and carbon nanotubes, researchers have developed a material for use in the acetabular cup that wears less than more conventional materials such as polyethylene and ceramics. They hope to extend the life of these artificial joints beyond the 15-20 years that is currently the norm.

Polymeric Biomaterials under Development

The various capabilities and biomaterial research projects at GKSS Centre for Biomaterial Development are described. These include projects to develop polymeric biomaterials for wound healing, controlled drug delivery, artificial urethras, biomimetic materials, as well as materials for skin and bone regeneration.

Foam Comb

General Plastics' Foam-Comb is a lightweight honeycomb-urethane gap filler used in aerospace and aviation interior fabrications. This open-cell polyurethane product couples our flexible foam with Nomex® honeycomb material, where the resulting material – the Foam-Comb - is stronger than the honeycomb, but adds little weight. It also provides a flexible cushion between panels that repeatedly expand and contract, reducing vibration and maintaining a seal between the surfaces. Produced from the same WSF-1121 flexible foam as our molded armrests pads, these covers hold the dual heads-up display and the overhead panel, which houses various electronics that control systems throughout the plane. Due to the foam's self-skinning characteristic, designers have artistic freedom in the desired texture and color. For more information, visit To read more, visit

Understanding Cancer at a Molecular Level

Understanding Cancer at a Molecular Level

Overview of Ogle Models and Prototypes

This video shows Len Martin - Managing Director, and Dave Bennion – Director at Ogle Models and Prototypes, giving a brief introduction about the company’s history and achievements.

How Tissue Engineers Can Use a BioPrinter to Repair Body Organs

A video showing what tissue engineers are doing to develop new ways to repair body organs and body replacement parts using three-dimensional printers. Tissue engineers are using biopaper( biocompatible gel ) and bioink which contains cell to generate a biocompatible structure for the body in hope that someday this technology will enter into the operating room.

LAST-A-FOAM® supports Orbital ATK’s rocket boosters for NASA’s Space Launch System

General Plastics proudly supports its aerospace and defense customers, meeting polyurethane foam specifications and reliability and manufacturing requirements. Watch our video to see how we support Orbital ATK and the NASA Space Launch System.

What is Flow Imaging Microscopy?

In this video you will learn about flow imaging microscopy, and how the FlowCam works to deliver digital images of subvisible particles.

Bruker LabScape

Bruker LabScape - Service & Life Cycle Support for Magnetic Resonance and Preclinical Imaging

Demonstration of Testing of Bumpers for Dental Prosthodontic Applications by Zwick

This video shows Zwick materials testing machine (Zwicki-Line) with testing software testXpert II

OEM Manufacturing for Molecular Biology Products from Thermo Scientific

This video shows OEM Manufacturing and capabilities from Thermo Scientific. The Thermo Scientific OEM Molecular Biology products and services offer options with long term sustainability.

The Emerging Field of Gene Therapy with Adeno-Associated Viruses

In this video interview, Arnaud Delobel, the R&D and Innovation Director at Quality Assistance talks to AZoM about the emerging field of gene therapy with adeno-associated viruses (AAV).

Vacuum Casting – Ogle Models and Prototypes

This video shows vacuum casting, a process utilized by Ogle since the 1980s. It is a tried and tested process for producing multiple high quality models and prototypes and can also be used for small batch production runs.

Nano-composite Hydrogels and Their Application to Healthcare

The newest in innovative medical material is the nano-composite hydrogel or NC Gel. This video demonstrate the medical applications of NC Gel which display good mechanical properties, transparencies and is made of 90% ordinary water suitable for various biological applications. Not only that, it is also environmentally friendly.

Demonstration of A Horizontal Test on Catheter Systems by Zwick

This video from Zwick shows horizontal testing systems with a integrated bath for catheder guide wires testing.

Discussion On How Nanotechnology Can Help You Live to 150

A panel of experts from a wide range of industries come together to discuss whether or not nanotechnology can help increase the life span of human beings. With genetic alteration and genetic therapies.

The Admet DForce Dynamic Mechanical Tester - Fatigue Testing

The DForce from Admet is a low force mechanical testing system capabale of carrying out static and dynamic mechical testing operations. It is suited to fatigue testing biomedical materials such as stents and tubing.

Demonstration of Hardness Testing on Dental Ceramics by Zwick

This video from Zwick shows fully automatic Zwick hardness testing machine with a motorized displacement unit.

Revolutionary Nanosensors for Early Detection of Cancer Cells

A video demonstrating how nanotechnoloyg is revolutionising the future of medical detection. The development and advacnement of nanoscale detection sensorssa are giving scientists the ability to detect cancer and other diseases at its early stages. This video shows the development of two such sensors made only possible by embracing micro and nanotechnology.

Use of a Portable XRF Device in Forensic Science

Ground breaking work has shown how a Innov-X portable handheld x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer can be used in forensic science. It has the advantage that it can be used to analyze evidence in situ, without it being disturbed. In this video, the interviewee talks about how the XRF has been used to identify people from dental materials.

EN 12469 Certified Biological Safety Cabinets from Thermo Scientific

This video from Thermo Scientific shows EN 12469 certified biological safety cabinets. These cabinets offer protection to both user and the sample.

Model Making and Prototyping Services from Ogle

This video shows the art of model making, a discipline that requires tremendous amount of skill and expertise. At Ogle, all the model makers are trained to the highest level to produce exceptional results.

How Scientists Image Brain Cells

A video showing what scientists use to image the neuron network of the spine and also brain cells. The interaction of the neuron along the spine and the brain is also discussed as well. This imaging techinque allows medical researchers the ability to distinguish between healthy neuron network to those that are damaged.

Biaxial Testing of a Biomaterial-Tissue Sample

This video from Zwick shows how a biaxial test is performed an a biomaterial/tissue sample. The testing machine in question features 4 high resolution linear drives and can test samples at controlled temperatures using a bath.

Evolution of Advanced Ceramics - Material of the Future

The evolution of materials provided by Ceradyne. Provides a review of where advanced ceramics are used, which is almost everywhere, although you may not realise it.

Product Portfolio: CoolCheck Portable Coolant and DEF Analysis

The CoolCheck performs 9 tests on your cooling fluid in less than one minute telling you if your coolant needs replacement.

A Discussion On The Emerging Nanomaterials in Medicine

A video clip discussing the approach of how emerging nanomaterials in medicine are being engineered and how existing material properties are being optimized for producing new nanomaterials. These emerging nanomaterials are the work of interdisciplinary collaboration between different fields within the scientific community.

See it in Action: FluidScan 1000 Oil Condition Monitoring

The FluidScan Q1000 handheld analyzer measures critical parameters related to oil condition - an excellent indicator of machine condition.

Rock Solid Mass Flow Controller for Bioprocessing

Designed to deliver smooth, stable, accurate and repeatable gas mass flow control, Sierra Instruments’ RedySmart™ is the Ultimate OEM/ Bioprocessing Mass Flow Controller that you can rely on every time. Watch the video to discover more about Sierra’s RedySmart™ capabilities.

NMR in Metabolomics

NMR in Metabolomics

Carbon Nanotube Aerogel Muscles

A video demonstration looking at the molecular level of Superelastic Carbon Nanotube Aerogel Muscles.

Porous Titanium Hip Implants

An animated video clip demonstrating the procedure and process of installing a hip implant.

minispec mq series

Time Domain NMR (TD-NMR) minispec mq series, by Supriyo Gosh.

Overview of the InfraCal 2 Ethanol Anaylzer

The InfraCal 2 Ethanol Blend Analyzer for measuring percent ethanol in gasoline is the ideal solution where a quick, accurate, on-site measurement is required and a single, repetitive ethanol blend analysis is needed.

Demonstration of Fatigue Testing on Spinal Implants by Zwick

This video shows Fatigue test on spinal implant with a Zwick servo-hydraulic testing machine (H10) according to ISO 12189, ASTMT 2077, ASTM F 2347

The AZoM iPhone App - The World of Materials in the Palm of Your Hand

The iPhone app from gives you the world of materials in the palm of your hand. It offers you a totally portable way to locate materials solutions, suppliers and products as well as providing you with the latest materials news, conveniently broken down into categories to suit various industry sectors.

Molded Part: Heads-up Display Cover

Produced from the same WSF-1121 flexible foam as our molded armrests pads, these covers hold the dual heads-up display and the overhead panel, which houses various electronics that control systems throughout the plane. Due to the foam's self-skinning characteristic, designers have artistic freedom in the desired texture and color.

Carbon Nanotubes Used in Growing New Bones

Material scientists are developing carbon nanotubes to regenerate bone within the body to overcome some of the challenges and limitations of conventional bone implants. They are proposing to coating the carbon nanotube bone scaffold with collagen to promote new bone regeneration.

How a Raman Spectrometer Works ?

This video detail the proper setup for taking Raman measurements using the Ocean Optics Q65000 Spectrometer. Once setup is complete it takes you through the steps of performing a basic Raman measurement using a Ramen spectrometer.

MALDI Molecular Imaging from Bruker

Katherine Kellersberg discusses MALDI Molecular Imaging within Bruker products at WMIC in Savannah.

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