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Recycled and Sustainable Materials Videos

Recycled and Sustainable Materials Videos

Silicones: A World of Possibilities

An introduction to Silicone materials.

Recycled Tires and Bamboo as Flooring Materials

This video shows flooring materials made from recycled tires and bamboo, which is considered a suatainable building material.

VSPARTICLE's VSP-G1 and Tools Enable Solar Energy Conversion and Storage

"There is an immediate need to find renewable and sustainable energy sources that can replace fossil fuels." states Wilson Smith, Associate Professor at TU Delft. According to his experience, new materials can provide us with sustainable technologies improving our ability to convert, store and re-use energy. Professor Smith is an Ambassador of the VSPARTICLE technology, because the VSP-G1 (and deposition accessories) enables the generation of nanoparticles in few minutes, controlling the size and the properties of any semi-conductive and conductive material. Discover more about our tools on: Read more about the Smith Solar Lab:

Ways to Develop Sustainable Hydrogen Storage

This video reveals Omar K Farha Ph.D from Northwestern University, talking about creating sustainable hydrogen storage. He explains the basic phenomena behind the storage of gases.