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Adhesives and Bonding Videos

Adhesives and Bonding Videos

A Guide to Fluids for Transmission and Distribution Applications

MIDEL fluids are designed to safeguard a wide range of power transmission and distribution applications.

Plansee in the Thin Film Industry

Molybdenum and tungsten are two extraordinary metals that make a significant contribution to our modern lives today. We are in constant contact with these two materials without even being aware of it.

Guide to Using Epoxy Film Adhesives

Learn how to properly apply adhesive film system FLM36 in this video presentation.

UV Cure Adhesives from Master Bond

In this video Maximus Bond illustrates the performance of UV adhesives from Master Bond. High performance one part, no mix UV curable adhesives feature rapid cure speeds, high bond strength and easy application.

Optically Clear Adhesives from Master Bond

In this video Max clearly demonstrates the versatility of optically clear adhesives from Master Bond.

EP29LPSP Epoxy System from Master Bond

This video shows EP29LPSP, two component, low viscosity, modified heat cured epoxy system from Master Bond.

Refractory Metal X-ray Solutions (CT Scan)

Based on decades of experience Plansee develops and produces a broad range of X-Ray technology products for imaging X-Ray applications. These products are manufactured under highest precision, get continuously developed and optimized.

Medical Grade UV Curable Compounds from Master Bond

This video shows the UV curable adhesives for medical devices from Master Bond.

OMEGA Process Control Solutions

Whether your area of process measurement and control involves temperature, pressure, strain, data acquisition, pH, conductivity, flow and level or electric heaters, OMEGA has the products that are right for you! Integrated our products into your system to complete your process control needs.

A Guide to MIDEL

This video shows MIDEL and what their company can do.

MB600S Sodium Silicate Coating from Master Bond

This video shows the MB600s sliver conductive water based sodium silicate coating form Master Bond. These are conductive coatings which are often applied to the plastic electronics for EMI/RFI shielding.

Supreme 45HTQ Quartz Filled Epoxy System from Master Bond

This video shows Supreme 45HTQ quartz filled epoxy system from Master Bond. This adhesive is used by the engineers who require adhesive for extreme environment, which can resist both, prolonged high and low temperatures (+450° F to -60° F).

Synthetic Ester 7131 - MIDEL

This video shows MIDEL's synthetic ester 7131.

Social networks and Master bond

In this latest video, Max explains the interesting and informative content that Master Bond has to offer across social media networks.

TenCate’s Thermoplastic Composite Materials for Aerospace Applications

This video offers an overview of TenCate’s thermoplastic composite materials for automotive applications. aerostructures.

Master Bond’s Epoxy Adhesives for Food Equipment Assembly and Repair

This video showcases food grade adhesives from Master Bond. These adhesives feature high thermal stability, durability and bond strength.

Molded Rigid Polyurethane Foam

Rigid molded foam parts are cost-effective and made to shape, producing less waste. Watch our video to see how we do it.

Around the Adhesives World in 80 Seconds with Maximus Bond

Max has shaped up our epoxies, now it's time to ship them out.

Flame Retardant Silicone Adhesive/Sealant from Master Bond

This video shows thermally conductive two part flame retardant silicone system from Master Bond.

Epoxies for Electronics from Master Bond

This video shows Master Bond's adhesives, sealants and coatings for electronic applications.

Correct Technique for Mixing Two-Component Epoxy Systems from Master Bond

This video shows how to obtain a proper mixing technique for a two-part epoxy system. Two part epoxies are available in a wide variety of mix ratios.

Physical Vapour Deposition sputtering process (PVD)

PVD is the most important coating process to produce thin layers of materials. Used for architectural or smart glass, displays, touch panels and solar cells, thin layers provide crucial properties for its applications. How does it work? Find out more in our video. Learn more about Plansee’s role in the thin film industry.

Meet Maximus Bond - The Newest Member of the Master Bond Team

Meet Maximus Bond - the newest member of the Master Bond team.

Max’s Master Bond Epoxies and Halloween

This video shows Max’s Master Bond epoxies on his side this Halloween.

Cured Silicone for Medical Device Assembly from Master Bond

This video shows MasterSil 153Med silicone used for medical device assembly from Master Bond. These silicones do not require exposure to air and humidity for cross linking.

LiMCA III Aluminium Quality Analyzer

For more than three decades ABB has established itself as a worldwide leader in inclusion and hydrogen measurements in liquid aluminum. ABB offers a complete range of analytical solutions to the aluminum industry: AlSCAN™ hydrogen analyzer, LiMCA inclusion analyzer, Prefil®-Footprinter melt cleanliness analyzer, PoDFA inclusion identification and quantification analysis. ABB PMU Qc facility also offers metallographic analysis service for its customers.

DynaPro Plate Reader III – Automated Biopharmaceutical and Nanoparticle Characterization

DynaPro Plate Reader III – Automated Biopharmaceutical and Nanoparticle Characterization

Master Bond EP3HT and EP3HTMED Single Component Epoxy System

This video shows the EP3HT and EP3HTMed single component epoxy systems from Master Bond. As a single component system these epoxies are easy to handle and requires no mixing.

High Temperature Resistant Epoxy's from Master Bond - Maximus Bond

Catch Max in the heat of the moment as he visits a robot factory to examine the benefits of Master Bond's high temperature resistant epoxies.

Low Temperature Curing Epoxy from Master Bond

This video shows the Supreme 3HT-80 low temperature curing epoxy from Master Bond.

Extensometer for ASTM D412 elastomer tensile testing

The Model 3800 extensometer is for rubber and elastomer tensile testing. Use it to measure tensile modulus, elongation at break, yield strain, and stress-strain curves of high-elongation materials.

Retrofilling - The Benefits

This video shows the benefits of retrofilling with MIDEL Safety Inside.

EP38CL Epoxy from Master Bond

This video shows Master Bond’s EP38CL two component epoxy system. It is a lower viscosity, optically clear two component epoxy system for high performance bonding, coating, sealing and small encapsulations, featuring splendid toughness and durability.

Two Component Epoxies EP79 and EP79FL from Master Bond

This video shows the two component epoxies EP79 and EP79FL from Master Bond that features unique versatility in application and performance.

OMEGA Wireless Environmental Monitoring System

This OMEGA high-performance and long range environmental monitoring system provides web-based monitoring for temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.