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High Temperature Materials Videos

The AZoM iPhone App - The World of Materials in the Palm of Your Hand

The iPhone app from gives you the world of materials in the palm of your hand. It offers you a totally portable way to locate materials solutions, suppliers and products as well as providing you with the latest materials news, conveniently broken down into categories to suit various industry sectors.

CIGS Production with MoNa Sputtering Targets from PLANSEE

In this video Dr Christoph Adelhelm from PLANSEE talks about the production of CIGS with MoNa sputtering targets.

Heat-Spring Thermal Interface Materials from Indium Corporation

This video gives an overview of Indium Corporation's Heat-Spring metal thermal interface material (TIM) in which packaging, customizing, ordering and tech support are discussed.

Heating a Gear for Shrink Fitting with Induction

In this application video, an Ambrell EASYHEAT 6 kW induction heating power supply is used to heat the steel gear to 400 F / 204 C.

Moly-Copper Wafers for Sapphire-Based LED-Chips from Plansee

In this video Jim Palombo from Plansee talks about the Moly-Copper wafers used in sapphire-based LED chips.

Evolution of Advanced Ceramics - Material of the Future

The evolution of materials provided by Ceradyne. Provides a review of where advanced ceramics are used, which is almost everywhere, although you may not realise it.

Demonstration of Some Basic Thermal Properties of Magnesium (Mg)

This video demonstrates some basic properties of the combustion of magnesium metal.

What are Carbon Nanotubes?

This video clip from the National Science Foundation demonstrates the unique properties of carbon nanotubes such as their electrical properties which leads to potential applications in semicondutor industries and their strength which is higher than stainless steels.

Applications of Molybdenum and Tungsten from PLANSEE

In this video Dr. Michael Schober from PLANSEE talks about the applications of molybdenum and tungsten.

Mid-Mountain Materials Products Prove Crucial to Gulf Oil Spill Clean Up

Fireboom products from Mid-Mountain Materials were used to help clean up the Gulf oil spill in the US. Once controlled burning wbecame an approved option, Mid-Mountain Materials supplied vast quantities of this refractory material so that the rogue oil could be rounded up and burned off, protecting nearby beaches and wildlife.

The Zircar Hot Spot 110 1700°C High Temperature Laboratory Furnace

Zircar's David Hoskins demonstrates the simple operation and key features of the Hot Spot 110 1700°C high temperature laboratory furnace.

Thorium-free TIG Welding Electrodes from PLANSEE

In this video Reinhard Moesslinger from Plansee talks about the thorium-free TIG welding electrodes.

New Fixturing System for Brittle Arcing Cathodes from PLANSEE

In this video Paul Rudnik from PLANSEE talks about the new fixing system used in ceramic and brittle composite materials.

Plansee 18th Seminar at Reutte

In this video Barbara HeuB from Plansee Group of Communications talks about the 18th Plansee Seminar, which is to be held at Reutte.

Flame Resistant PBI Aramid Fiber Garments

A comparison of common fabric that is used in producing industrial garments and this video demonstrate the potential use of PBI fiber in garments and its applications as protective garment for the heaviest industrial use.

Strength of Materials - A Course on the Fundamental Understanding

This is a video course on the strength of materials. The video provides fundamentals to understanding the strength of materials. A good insight into the fundamental knowledge.

Zetium from PANalytical - Excellence in Elemental Analysis

Building on years of experience and success with PANalytical's extensive analytical X-ray portfolio, Zetium represents a revolutionary step in materials analysis.

Molybdenum sputtering targets for UHD Screens from Plansee

In this video Harald Selb from Plansee talks about the ultra pure Molybdenum sputtering targets in ultra high definition screens (UHD).

The Anter LS2 Module for Thermal Property Determination

The FlashLine series from Anter Corp is able to determine various thermal properties of a wide range of materials using the laser flash method. The properties that the FlashLine can determine include thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity. The modular unit allows thermal properties to be determined at a range of temperatures from cryogenic to 2800°C.

Heat Sinks for Power Semiconductors from Plansee

In this video Ender Cetin, Sales Manager from Plansee talks about the reliable heat sinks that are used for the power semiconductors.

Geopolymers - An Overview of Geopolymers with Dr. Dan Perera

Dr. Dan Perera from UNSW gives us an introduction to geopolymers. He explains what they are, their origins, their similarity to organic polymers, their structure, how products are made from geopolymers and their applications including the possibility of using them for storage of nuclear waste materials.

iWave Temperature Control for MARS 6

iWave advanced temperature control for your microwave digestion gives the best temperature sensitivity and safety on the market.

Titanium Manufacturing and Processing - From Start to Finish

A video clip showing how titanium has revolutionize the aerospace industry with the world's fastest plane, the SR71, being built from titanium. The video shows the manufacturing of titanium from the mining of the titanium ore and takes it through the complex and expensive processing of the titanium which can take up to six months.

Molybdenum Lanthanum Oxide for High Temperature Furnaces from Plansee

In this video Roland Steffen from Plansee talks about the Molybdenum Lanthanum oxide, which can be used in high temperature furnaces.

Get Insight into Your Materials and Processes with PANalytical's Solutions

Watch PANalytical's CEO Peter van Velzen talking about how their solutions enable people to get valuable insight into their materials and processes.

Silicon Carbide - The Application of Silicon Carbide in Future Energy Efficient Hybrid Vehicles

A video clip from on the applications of silicon carbide in particularly in the automotive industry. Currently the use of silicon carbide is mostly in the photonics and LED field, however as the quest continues for energy efficient power device continues, silicon carbide has shown to be a promising source of new power device. Research projects involving silicon carbide are currently in partnership with Toyota Motor Corporation

How Titanium Hammers are Made and Their Advantages

A video demonstrating on how titanium hammers are produced and the many benefits and advantages that titanium hammers can offer.

What is Materials Science?

Ever been asked what materials science is? If so, just send people to this apage for the answer. An interesting compilation put together by the staff and students at the Department of Materials Science at UNSW.

Hardness Testing on Platinum, Titanium, Gold and Tungsten Wedding Ring

A video showing hardness testing being performed on a a tungsten ring and compared with hardness testing with platinum, titanium, white gold rings. Please remember not to try this on your wedding rings !!

Hitech Materials - Unbiased Consulting Services on Materials Operating in Severe Environments

Learn about the services that Hitech Materials, a recently established Australian company, can provide to companies who use advanced ceramic materials, in particular refractories and other materials that are subject to operating in severe environments. Although recently established Hitech Materials have a wealth of knowledge and contacts to offer impartial advice and testing services if required.

Properties and Applications of Tungsten

This video demonstrate the chemical properties of tungsten and the everyday applications of tungsten in particularly the electrical applications of tungsten.

Strength and Durability Testing of FiberStone

FiberStone is a high temperature composite materials comprised of high purity refractory, reinforced with stainless steel fibers. This video demsonstrates just how how strong and durable FiberStone is.

Nanotechnology in Self-Assembling Process for Fabrication Tailored Thin Films

Sandia scientists and engineers have developed a radically new self-assembling process for fabricating tailored thin films. This new technology is set to change the way that optical and electrical thin films are produced and its applications as this method can be modified and optimized at any stage of the process with many manufacturing benefits compared with conventional production. Watch and find out how.

Using Recycled Plastic and Rubber in Steel Making - An Environmentally Friendly Technology

A video clip showing the innovative Australian technology transforming household plastic and rubber waste into steel. The technology has positive environmental implications through reducing landfill. The trechnology also reduces energy consumption in the electric arc furnace in the steel making process.

Induction Hardening a Cutting Tool

In this application video we are through-hardening a part for a cutting tool. A pyrometer is set up on the lower left-hand corner edge of the part. Heating will be delivered through an Ambrell EASYHEAT induction heating system.

How Man-Made Diamond is Produced

A video showing the process and manufacturing of man made diamonds. The producer emulate the nature process of how diamonds are made in the environment. Extreme heat is used to form the diamond from the carb

Heratherm Ovens from Thermo Scientific

This video shows Thermo Scientifics’ Heratherm heating and drying ovens. With a focus on energy efficiency, sample safety and ease of use, these benchtop heating and drying ovens maximize capacity while optimizing laboratory footprint.

Ultra-Smooth Molybdenum and Tungsten Crucibles from PLANSEE

In this video Heike Larcher from PLANSEE talks about the ultra-smooth molybdenum and tungsten crucibles, which can be used for sapphire production.