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Carbon Fibre - Future Directions Interviews Videos

Carbon Fibre - Future Directions Interviews Videos

Comparison of the UK and Australian Carbon Fibre Industries

In this interview Chris Wilkinson compares the UK carbon fibre industry to that of Australia, and the role of the Manufacturing Institute in the UK, to that of VCAMM in Australia. He says that VCAMM's model is advanced in its thinking, and with their involvement with academia, they will be able to exploit academic reserarch such that they will play an important part in the development of the the carbon fibre industry in Australia.

Improvement of Properties of Carbon Fibre Based Composite Materials through Matrix Modification

Assistant Professor Jeffrey Wiggins from the University of Southern Mississippi tells us about work his team is doing on carbon fibre-based composite materials. In particular they are working on matrix chemistries to optimise matrix critical properties.

Advanced Manufacturing of Carbon Fibre Composites for Aerospace Applications

Slade Gardner from Lockheed Martin explains that we are currently going through a rebirth of materials science thanks to nanotechnology.

Next Generation Carbon Fibre Materials

Wen-Fang Hwang from Spirit Aerosystems reveals how the use of carbon nanotube based precursors will be used to create the next generation of carbon fibre materials. These materials have elastic moduli of greater then 500GPa, well up on the 300GPa of existing materials. A key factor of his processing technology is it will use equipment, so plants currently geared up to produce carbon fibre from polyacrylonitrile or PAN, will be able to use this new chemistry with no modification.

AKSA's Involvement with the Carbon Fibre Industry and the Future for Australia

Dan Pichler from AKSA tells us about their involvement in the carbon fibre industry and their expanding production capacity in response to market demands and future predicted growth.

Research and Development Involving the Australian Carbon Fibre Industry

Associate Professor Bronwyn Fox from Deakin University outlines some of the successes that they have had to date with the development of composite materials technology including work with Quickstep who are about to produce parts for the Joint Strike Fighter by Lockheed Martin. She also discusses some of the carbon fibre composite projects that they will be working on at the newly established ACFRF, Australian Carbon Fibre Researrch Facility.

Carbon Fibre Composite Materials in the Aerospace Industry

Peter Wu from Spirit Aerosystems, the largest tier 1 supplier in the aerospace industry, and supplier to the likes of Boeing, Airbus, Gulfstream and Sikorsky. He explains how the use of carbon fibre-based composite materials is increasing and how automated manufacturing processes are improving their manufacturing operations.

The Current State of Play and Future for the Carbon Fibre Industry

Professor Andrew Walker National Composite Certification and Evaluation Facility develop composites expertise transitioning manufacturing traditional metallic materials fibre reinforced composite materials VCAMM Australia carbon fibre composite materials

Future Prospects and Potential for the Australian Carbon Fibre Industry

Brad Dunstan, CEO of VCAMM explains their role with Australian manufacturing and advanced materials and how they have been instrumental with setting up the Australian carbon fibre industry and the Australian Carbon Fibre Research Facility or ACFRF that will house a carbon fibre pilot production furnace It will also be the first carbon fibre production facility in Australia and the first open access carbon fibre furnace in the world.

Deakin University and the Australian Carbon Fibre Industry

Prof. Lee Astheimer from Deakin University discusses the future of carbon fibre research in Australia, their capabilities and the the great opportunities for industry to embrace carbon fibre as a new materials with many commercial opportunities.