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Graphene Videos

Two Worlds of Graphene - Presented by General Graphene

Two Worlds of Graphene is our take on what it's like to be a part of the graphene industry today.

Introducing General Graphene - Industrial Scale CVD Graphene Films

Vig Sherrill and Greg Erickson give their take on working with graphene and starting General Graphene together.

Graphene Based Coatings Designed for Active and Passive Corrosion Prevention

University at Buffalo chemists are using graphene, to develop new coatings for rust-proofing steel.

Graphene Applications - Biosensors for Medical Diagnostics

This is the second episode of our Graphene Applications series which covers the use of graphene in biosensors for improved medical diagnostic technology and equipment.

Graphene Applications - Thin Flexible Heaters

This video talks about graphene heaters - thinner, lighter, more flexible and thermally conductive than any other thin film heating product on the market today. Watch and learn about the value of a graphene based heater in today's world.

Graphene Transfer: Trivial Transfer Graphene (ACS Material)

Want to transfer the graphene onto other substrates? It only takes a second with Trivial Transfer Graphene™ from ACS Materials.