DuPont Continues to Expand Production with New Line of Inherently Flame Resistant Fabrics for Personal Protection

As a leader in protective apparel for 40 years, DuPont continues to expand its production capability and product offering with DuPont(TM) Protera(TM), a new line of inherently flame resistant fabrics specifically engineered to protect against electric arc hazards and meet NFPA 70E as well as the new National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) requirements.

"DuPont(TM) Protera(TM) has a patented engineered fiber blend to produce one of the lightest weight and most comfortable NFPA 70E Category 2 fabrics on the market today. In addition, Protera(TM) meets all categories of the NESC standard. As a result, electricians in industrial segments and utility workers will now be able to work in greater comfort without sacrificing the protection they require," Dale Outhous, global business director - DuPont Personal Protection, said. "By effectively leveraging our deep expertise in the field of thermal protection, we were able to develop DuPont(TM) Protera(TM) in a way that allows us to offer this remarkable fabric at an extremely competitive price relative to comparable offerings."

In addition to providing wearers excellent arc protection, tests have shown that garments made with DuPont(TM) Protera(TM) fabric offer a high level of comfort when compared to FR cotton nylon blend fabrics on the market today. An independent comfort study found that wearers judged Protera(TM) the clear winner in overall comfort compared to FR cotton nylon blend garments of similar weight.

DuPont(TM) Protera(TM) garments will have a better lifecycle value than less durable flame-retardant treated (FR) cotton nylon blend garments. That is because Protera(TM) is twice as strong as FR cotton nylon blend fabrics and stays twice as strong even after 100 washings. Unlike chemically treated products, the thermal protection found in DuPont(TM) Protera(TM) is inherent and cannot be washed out or worn away. The fabric's flame resistance will not diminish through laundering or bleaching and will not require special laundry processing.

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