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Anode Milling Machines Mill Away Irregularities in Partially Used Anodes

Anodes are the single biggest consumable cost in a primary aluminium smelter; maximising anode lifetime can lead to substantial economies.

A common problem in deteriorating anode performance is the formation of spikes or mushrooms on the underside, causing reduced current efficiency and cell instability.

Often, anodes are needlessly thrown away when they develop this characteristic, wasting resources that could otherwise have been used to increase production. Stimir offers a solution to this problem - the Anode Milling Machine.

The Stimir anode milling machine

Stimir's Anode Milling Machines mill away irregularities in partially used anodes, improving their profile and extending their usable life. Defective anodes are pulled from the pots and milled whilst still hot, then returned again to the original stall. Alternatively, anodes can be cooled and milled cold.

Stimir offers two basic designs – a static machine installed in a fixed location, and a trailer-mounted mobile machine.

Both variations comprise a complete anode milling facility and can operate in both fully automatic and manual modes. If total control over the process is desired, each level of the procedure can be wholly manually manipulated. The user interface is a colour touch screen. Scrap carbon is collected in a container located under the machine.

Stimir hf. is a solution provider to the primary aluminium industry, with particular focus on the Rodding Plant. All aspects of design and fabrication are undertaken at Stimir’s own facilities, ensuring total quality control and on-time delivery.

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