Dow Corning New Anti-Friction Coating Provides A Quieter Car Ride

New Molykote® D-9610 Anti-Friction Coating from Dow Corning lowers friction between plastic components in automotive interiors to provide a quieter ride.

Suitable for use on door panels, arm rests, dashboards, glove boxes, leather equipment and more, D-9610 Anti-Friction Coating dries quickly to a black, aesthetically pleasing finish.

“Noise, vibration and harshness are enemies to a comfortable, luxurious car interior,” said Ivan Mini, automotive strategic marketer for interiors and safety components, Dow Corning. “D-9610 Anti-Friction Coating helps eliminate offensive squeaks and ‘stick-slip’ problems that occur when unevenness in the road transmits vibrations through the vehicle to the driver.”

With the addition of D-9610 Anti-Friction Coating, customers can select a product to match interior components. This product’s black finish provides an alternative to the white and semi-transparent finishes available with Molykote D-96 Anti-Friction Coating, the material of choice for several interior parts manufacturers.

Formulated for excellent performance in all seasons, D-9610 Anti-Friction Coating maintains a constant coefficient of friction at high and low temperatures. It also minimizes performance-reducing static and sliding friction.

D-9610 Anti-Friction Coating is suitable for use between materials including plastic/plastic, plastic/metal, plastic/leather and other combinations that have slow movements or vibrations at low loads found in automotive interior applications.

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