Bayer Increases Range of Polyurethane Raw Materials for Waterborne, Radiation-Curing Coatings

Bayer MaterialScience has added three new products to its successful Bayhydrol UV range of water-thinned, radiation-curing coating materials. These are ideal particularly for wood and furniture finishing, which demand high standards of environmental compatibility and cost-effectiveness.

"We have developed Bayhydrol UV XP 2690 specifically for exterior wood applications," says Jürgen Lippemeier, expert for polyurethane coatings at Bayer MaterialScience, in a presentation at the RadTech Conference on October 14 and 15, 2009. Coatings based on this polyurethane dispersion are noted above all for their outstanding weather resistance; this was confirmed in an independent study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research (WKI), which shows that the wood surface remains absolutely free of damage during weather exposure and meets the requirements of DIN EN 927-3. The test results also show that when used outdoors, the timber can withstand the elements for eight years before requiring recoating. A further advantage is that Bayhydrol XP 2690 is suitable for both clear coats and pigmented top coats.

The second new raw material, Bayhydrol UV XP 2687, was developed specifically for use as a primer and is recognized for its excellent grain accentuation and adhesion to all wood types, even those containing oil. The polyurethane emulsion has a high solids content, which allows higher film thicknesses to be achieved in a single application. Due to its excellent resistance properties and high degree of hardness, it is also suitable for clear coats and can be formulated for both spray and roller application.

Bayer MaterialScience now also offers the solvent-free waterborne dispersion Bayhydrol UV XP 2775 for white-pigmented, radiation-curing coatings and top coats. The product is characterized by excellent chemical and stain resistance, even where there is a high pigment content. Coatings formulated to contain this product also have high gloss and outstanding hardness, making them suitable for use in wood and furniture finishing.

In recent years, waterborne radiation-curing coatings have gained an increasing market share. Renowned manufacturers of office furniture advertise the fact that with such systems their products are low on emissions and environmentally compatible. This trend shows no signs of abating: Large furniture companies are increasingly specifying the non-use of solventborne coatings. Such requirements can be met especially cost-effectively with coatings based on these raw materials that cure in seconds under UV light.

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