Zero VOC Paints from YOLO Colorhouse Outperform Traditional Paints

This summer, put a garden-fresh coat of color on your house while reducing your impact on the environment.

YOLO Colorhouse, the Portland-based company specializing in zero-VOC paint finishes, features a Green Seal® certified, "Outside" line of 100 percent acrylic exterior paint, in a palette of unique colors inspired by landscapes and nature. Formulated to be durable and weather resistant, "Outside" has been shown to outperform leading premium, conventional paints in accelerated weather testing.

Selecting an environmentally responsible product is the first step; choosing the right color palette for the job is next and represents another big decision. YOLO Colorhouse co-founder and artist Janie Lowe offers tips for boosting your home's curb appeal with color and advice for managing a paint job you will be happy with for years to come.

All-Day Color

"When selecting colors for the exterior of your home, remember to account for the way the light changes over the course of a day, which may include full sun, shade and everything in between," explains Lowe. "That and the scale of the project mean you should keep the following things in mind when making color choices."

'Outside' line of 100 percent acrylic exterior paint.

Lowe suggests going with a color that's slightly darker and browner than the one you think you're after. To give windows depth and interest, use a color on the sashes that is darker than the outer trim. And paint the foundation and porch deck with darker "anchor" colors, to prevent the illusion of a floating house. Finally, Lowe also suggests finding houses that you like and noting the body, trim and accent colors.

Drawing from 36 rich warm exterior hues, divided into six distinct color families—OCEAN, DESERT, PRAIRIE, CANYON, FOREST and CLOUD—YOLO Colorhouse offers homeowners 90 recommendations for exterior color combinations to perfectly complement the gardens, trees and urbanscapes of your outside world.

Prep Makes Perfect

A topcoat is only as good as what is underneath.  For the best adhesion and a flawless finish, have a lead-safe certified contractor remove all loose paint, prime areas of raw wood and be sure the surface to be painted is completely dry.  Let wood and shingles dry entirely before painting or bubbles created by trapped moisture may appear later.


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