Sustainable Roofing Product EcoTech Features Highly-Advanced Polymers

Nothing has been more un-green and un-environmentally-friendly than the archaic roofing industry, which for more than 100 years has been defined by unsafe, landfill-cluttering, energy-inefficient products like asphalt, metal, wood, clay, and concrete.

But EcoTech Roofing Systems has changed the game -- forever. The Los Angeles-based company has made one of the biggest breakthroughs – if not the biggest -- in the history of the roofing industry by developing the greenest, most environmentally-sustainable roofing system ever.

With its innovative technically-advanced engineered roofing panels, EcoTech is also the lightest, safest, and most durable roofing product ever developed, increasing home value, saving energy, reducing energy costs, and enhancing the home's architectural beauty.

“First and foremost, EcoTech is all about being green, eco-friendly and sustainable,” says the company’s CEO Jeffrey Barrett, Sr. “We’re committed to environmental leadership in all aspects of our business. Eco-friendly and sustainable responsibility is crucial to the future of our country and the future of our children and grandchildren.”

From an eco-friendly, environmental perspective, not a single product on the market can touch EcoTech, which uses the least amount of the Earth’s resources, is 100% recyclable and has 0% waste in manufacturing. It has the highest Class A fire rating. Its product protects houses and families through high winds of up to 130 mph. EcoTech is resistant to mold, mildew and algae, saving homeowners additional money over time. And, since EcoTech is made with patented interlocking highly-advanced polymer panels that are essentially unbreakable, having to replace broken pieces is unnecessary, thus saving homeowners more money. The highly-advanced polymer material helps EcoTech reflect heat back into atmosphere and provides additional insulation, thus dramatically reducing homeowners’ and building owners’ heating and cooling costs.

“It’s the most eco-friendly, innovative, unique product I’ve ever seen,” says roofing contractor Tom Waddle, owner of Perfect Choice Roofing of San Diego, Calif., one of the biggest roofing contracting companies in the country. “I see several new products every few months or so, and there is nothing like this. EcoTech’s technology is so revolutionary in that it is the first product that will move the roofing industry out of a totally asphalt-based material truly for the first time in history. That’s critical for the environment and sustainability. It’s a true game-changer.”

Since EcoTech is so durable, it is “the only roof a homeowner will ever need,” Barrett adds.

To bring to consumers a “true green" roofing choice, “we approached the development of the product designs with the goal of creating a lighter, safer, more durable and environmental-friendly product that was easier to install while reducing injuries, eliminating product breakage and decreasing energy costs,” Barrett says.

EcoTech is the ideal example of a sustainable green roofing product that encompasses all the considerations of a sustainable roofing product with low environmental impact as well as meeting all national standards, according to Dr. Jim Stewart, Ph.D., the Organizing Director for Earth Day Los Angeles, Chief Environmental Scientist for Best Technology Company and Executive Director of People for Parks.

“EcoTech meets the industry’s stringiest certification programs, including the Cool Roof Rating Council, United States Green Building Council and Energy Star,” Barrett says.

‘Artistic, masterpieces of beauty, elegance and distinction’

EcoTech’s Nu Slate and Nu Shake look exactly like artistically-designed wood, cedar, shake, and quarry slate, yet the product is eight times lighter, tougher, more durable, safer, and more eco-friendly than other industry products. While other companies try to imitate slate and shake, EcoTech duplicated these designs from natural materials to capture the genuine textures and colors to bring out the materials utmost beauty for a lifetime of satisfaction.

“EcoTech’s materials are artistic, masterpieces of beauty, elegance and distinction, that come in an array of colors and designs; it is the ultimate in architectural beauty and enhances a home’s value,” Barrett says.

EcoTech is made with polymers, which have superior strength and are used in everything from golf-club shafts to underground storage tanks. Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner jet is made of polymer. So is the life-saving Kevlar bulletproof vest.


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