Woodhead Publishing Release Revised Text Book on Pressure Vessels

Pressure is a crucial consideration in the design and consequently the long term success of vessels. The structural design and material selected is fundamental in preventing the external walls of the vessel from buckling under pressure.

In this revised second edition of Pressure vessels from Woodhead Publishing, Carl Ross reviews the problem and uses both theoretical and practical examples to show how it can be solved for different structures. A comprehensive overview of pressure vessels under external pressure explores pressure vessels types as well as other vessels which withstand external pressure.

An examination of vibration of pressure vessel shells assesses the effects of vibration, added virtual mass and damping on cylinders and cones. This leads on to a more specific discussion of vibrations of pressure vessel shells in water considering factors specific to external hydrostatic pressure and including the variant of tank size. Important design issues are considered in the context of submarine pressure hulls and underwater pressure vessels for missile defence systems.

Drawing on the author's extensive experience, the second edition of Pressure vessels is an essential reference for stress analysts, designers, consultants and manufacturers of pressure vessels, as well as all those with an academic research interest in the area.

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